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Nessa Mouse

Nessa Mouse

Member Since 20 Apr 2009
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In Topic: There should be a female Link.

01 August 2009 - 07:01 PM

Make it simple: choose male or female at the start of the game. Everybody can be happy that way!

In Topic: Team Mega Man!

24 July 2009 - 04:51 AM

New toys made! This time mini Mega Man, Proto Man and Roll. Enjoy.

Posted Image
Posted Image
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In Topic: Your Random JOD though of the day?

21 July 2009 - 06:19 PM

Bomamba reminds me of my Ma'. She's a crazy cat lady too. O.O

In Topic: Your top 5 best and Worst things about JOD

21 July 2009 - 06:16 PM

Worst First:

5. NiGHTS voice wasn't anything like I expected. I figured it would mesh between male and female. Like two voices together. But that was just a minor disappointment.
4. The "chasing the jailer" levels. Took me the longest to get high ranks on them.
3. Endings were forced. The "Dad showing up in time to see me make the winning shot, Mom and me getting a standing applause." were right out of every G rated kids movie out there.
2. Owl Uuuuuuuuugh!
1. I couldn't relate to Will and Helen at all. All I could think is, "They're worrying themselves into Nightmares over THAT? How emo." What they need to do is have dreamers who have real nightmares. Let Tim Burton write the next one. Hmm...*Nessa gets a thoughtful look and walks away*

Best for Last:

5. Super pretty dreamscapes. Magic gardens, glass castles, neon city.... was preeeeetty.
4. I never got to play the original. I wanted a Dreamcast but could never bring myself to ask. Nessa's family was poor. So I felt giddy as hell to finally get to fly with NiGHTS!
3. Freaky bosses. Bomamba and her cats reminded me of my Ma' actually. XD
2. Entertains small children. My neice and nephew can sit and watch without bothering me too much. When my nephew asks stupid questions all I have to say is "It's just a dream." and it answers everything.
1. "Dreams, Dream" dances in my head throughout the day at work. Happy song for me. Before that Sonic Adventure Battle 2 was my official Happy music.

In Topic: Theories About the End of Journey of Dreams

14 July 2009 - 11:41 AM

Wizeman not being dead? Possible for the same reason NiGHTS and Reala might still "Exist." My favorite author liked pointing out the power of belief in his books. Ever read Terry Pratchet's "Small Gods?" It shows a theory that we don't exist because of Gods, Gods exist because of our belief fueling them. The same could be said of Will and Helen's Ideya. In the false ending Will and Helen wake up, smile and stretch with a "Oh, what a fun dream look." on their faces. BUT. In the true ending they wake up crying because their friend is "Dead." Yet NiGHTS is seen alive and well. They believe he is real, and will him back into existance. Instead of Wizeman's powers keeping NiGHTS in existance, NiGHTS could be fueled by the Ideya willingly given up by Will and Helen. As well as any other visitor who has seen any of the Maren. It's pointed out somewhere (Don't remember where) that NiGHTS is attracted to visitors Ideya. Ideya seems to be willpower made into lifeforce in Nightopia. Any of the characters could be reformed the same way. When Wizeman says he can't be destroyed, he could have been tricking Helen and Will into keeping him alive by planting that little seed of doubt.

At least thats the theory me and the betrothed came up with. He won't play NiGHTS, says it looks too hard. But likes watching me play it. :)

As for Will and Helen's parents? They were probably just too surprised at the power outage to react quickly, not to mention the sudden appearance of snow. The whole ending seemed a tiny bit forced, anyway. Like the writers were at a complete loss on how to end it. And lets face it, the rest of the game was a LOT to live up too.