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Member Since 30 Mar 2009
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Hello :P

06 October 2009 - 11:25 PM

Okay, so for one thing I'm a bit younger than most of you :P

For the next thing, well hi! My name's Claire, or Cherrie as "they" call me. Whoever "they" are. xD I joined back in March I think, but before I posted I lurked around. Then found out how old a lot of the members were compared to me. So I just stopped going on for a while. Then, getting bored of old forums one day, I came back. xD So here I am. :)

I have a lot of fanmaren (I just keep making new ones XD) and my current favorite is Aquamarina, shortened as Mina instead of Aqua because I'm weird like that. XD I drew her, and just chopped off the rest of her body for my avatar over there. :P I haven't drawn her in a while. Maybe I will soon enough. xD

I completed JoD last year, but when my dad bought me NiD I didn't really get it so I haven't played it in a while. xD

I love to draw, and sing too XD even though I pretty much suck at both. But that's okay. :)

'Kay. I'm done now. Thanks for bothering to read this :P

EDIT: Gosh. Not May, March. o_______o I was 10 O_o