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Member Since 22 Feb 2009
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In Topic: Better than NiGHTS?

02 March 2009 - 03:25 PM

I'm pretty sure that I enjoyed Ocarina of Time more than NiD, but then I'm a huge fan of the Zelda games.

Also, MGS was pretty cool too. Especially Mantis.

In Topic: Do you Believe in the purple Nightmaren?

26 February 2009 - 05:28 AM

I've got a bit of a curious thing going, where characters I'm really familiar with (eg NiGHTS, Link, Atrus, etc.) represent things in my mind almost exclusively. So yes, I do believe NiGHTS exists, though whether as an idea(l) or a person I'm not sure.

In Topic: What gender are you, and how do you see NiGHTS?

26 February 2009 - 05:23 AM

It's mostly just the voice acting in JoD, but I (male) consider NiGHTS to be anywhere from overtly female to completely androgynous.

I usually call NiGHTS "he" though--mostly for ease of use.

In Topic: Nights in super smash bros. scenario

24 February 2009 - 05:25 AM

NiGHTS will also float along the ground rather than walk, much like Mewtwo, and his dash consists of Drill Dashing across the stage.

Ooh, I really like the Mewtwo-esque floating. Anyway, here's my take:

Walking animation: Gotta go with the Mewtwo idea.
Jump: NiGHTS jumps about as high as Link, but with the basic flying animation from JoD
Double-Jump (Air-Jump): NiGHTS again uses the Link jump height, but the second jump is the "acrobatic" (?) flying.

A: Standard attack, like a punch or something
<A>: Slightly more powerful than the above--a kick?
A^: Uppercut or similar.
Av: Foot-pedal, Snake style.

B: NiGHTS throws a Mario-style projectile... it's a Blue Chip!
<B>: Peach-esque hip smash (Dash?)
B^: Dash-move up
Bv: Dash-move down (midair) or l/r (platform)

Side-smash: Falcon PAWNCH-style punch, but with Ideya colors glowing around the fist.
Up-smash: Same as above, but in different direction
Down-smash: NiGHTS does a spin-kick thing on the ground, with similar effect to Link's or ZSSamus's down A.

FINAL SMASH: A Visitor runs up to NiGHTS from across the screen. They Dualize... the end result is a massive Paraloop.

Intro Animation: NiGHTS is air-dropped (so to speak) onto the stage by a Nightmaren, but the cage collapses.
Home Stage: Twin Seeds