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Chao Freak 1

Chao Freak 1

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Official SEGA revival survey

14 November 2016 - 05:18 PM

Yo! Haven't posted here for like 5 years I'm sure, but thought I'd let all you guys know about this before it's too late. Haha

There's a Japanese SEGA survey sort of focusing on revivals. You know what that means, right?


Here's a quick translation for you all.
Q1: What one SEGA series will you always have in your heart? (For NiGHTS, type in the top box.)

Q2: What one SEGA character will you always have in your heart? (NiGHTS has an OPTiON here. Select ナイツ)
Q3: What SEGA franchise do you want to be resurrected? (feel free to think about what resurrected means)
Q4: What is your gender?
Q5: What is your age?

From what I understand, it probably ends the 18th, with results being revealed at some event on the 20th. I didn't read into this part too much tho, so if you wanna take this, the sooner the better, yeah? :D (Also keep timezones in mind~)


Don't Forget NiGHTS...