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Member Since 21 May 2007
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Little Nemo: Adventure in slumber land

20 August 2007 - 10:15 AM

Well the idea of a discussion on an 80's movie happend right after I saw the NiD JoD trailer, the scenery reminds me alot of this one fantastic dream film I saw when I was a weee tot. Little Nemo: Adventure in Slumber land was like the only dream movie I could ever recall in discussion about dream adventures being involved in books, games etc.

Anybody who was born in the 80's must remember this once fantastic film, this movie was the reason why I got soooo much into the whole dream theoy thing. :o
Is there anyone who watch this film as a kid and get the heebee-geebee nightmares from it?

Umm... Hi

20 June 2007 - 10:17 AM

Hi, my name is D3vilcat. I'm semi-new here on the NiDs forum, but I did own an account before but I've forgotten about it and never used it. :(;
I'm preety sure some of you remember me as d3vilcat2004 on DA.

I don't remember when did my fandom started and I never played the game in my life ; well only the SA 1 pinball part *coughcoughn00bcough* but I'm planning on buying the Wii one anyway. NiGHTS into dreams is a very awsome game and a huge inspiration to me.

Okay, now for some silly short, teeny profile thingy...*ahem*
I'm 20 years old (I'm as old as mold! :P ) I love animals and want to own a Horse or a Ram someday X3 ,loves to draw, enjoys eating spicy food and dream alot.

Can't wait to get to know everybody here and feel a bit homey since everybody has the same interest and getting to know them better preety soon and meeting different people here. :D

Thank you :) <3