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So I got the newest nintendo power

17 December 2007 - 06:34 AM

There was an advertisement for NiGHTS JOD that said "AVAILABLE NOW!"

I nearly had a heart attack. They did this same thing for Sonic Rush Adventure. Has something to do with them anticipating the magazine coming out later than it does, or people buying it from a store later than it comes out, etc etc.

They're mean :)

Edit: Also, they have the 2007 game award nominations in this month's issue, and NiGHTS JOD had so many nominations! They must think really highly of the game, definitely encouraging isn't it?

It was nominated for:

Game of the Year for Wii
Best Wii Graphics (this one surprised me, I heard a lot of complaining about the graphics. Maybe its just inconsistent.)
Best Music
Best Shooter/Action game
Best Game Overall

Sadly, It'll probably lose most those because it has to compete with huge titles like Super Mario Galaxy and Metroid Prime 3 Corruption..

Edit Edit: Sweet I'm a lurker now B)


04 December 2007 - 07:39 AM

I've been wanting to post a response to a few threads now, but figured my first post would be best in a introduction thread.

I'll start with how I stumbled upon NiGHTS. When I was little, my dad brought home a huge stack of cds that came from magazines as promotions. There were a few demo playstation games, a few pc games.. and then there was IT. IT was a genuine Christmas NiGHTS CD. It struck a cord in me, something about it gave off this weird aura. But it ended up staying with the stack and going unseen on some shelf. Then came sonic adventure, for the dreamcast. Having nearly forgotten about the Christmas NiGHTS cd, I was really bothered by the strange familiarity and feeling I got when I played the NiGHTS pinball game in the casino level of Sonic Adventure.

The music absolutely captivated me, it haunted me, called me. I know it seems like I'm being dramatic, but at the time, I was pretty young, and everything was indeed very dramatic. I don't know how long it took before I made the connection of the strange jester in sonic adventure and the one on the cover of the CD buried in the stack of others. So I dragged it out eventually when I did finally make that connection. I wanted to play it, see what it was about. But to my disappointment, it was for Sega Saturn, and a Sega Saturn, I did not have.

This is when it happened. This strange obsession. Countless hours of research and art browsing. Official art mostly. It fascinated me. Then, once I put the cd in my cd player and listened to some of the music, my fascination nearly tripled. That was it, I had to buy a sega saturn, I had to play this game and see what It was really like. I'd seen videos, but I wanted to truly experience it, for myself, not watch someone else experience it.

So, what must have been like 4 years after first recieving Christmas NiGHTS, I bought a Sega Saturn off ebay for like $50 with a few games, and bought a copy of NiGHTS into dreams, the one that came with the 3D controller.

The rest fell into place.

I've always been fascinated with dreams and subconscious matters. I'm a pretty heavy thinking too, I've been told. So with those combining with my intense passion for NiGHTS, I've become who I am today.

NiGHTS means so much to me, as I'm sure he does to everyone else in the community. It's not just a game, its so much more. I've always been a somewhat overly emotional person, and something about the colors and music and atmosphere in NiGHTS totally captivated me. There are few things I love more.

Anyway, this is getting pretty long and I don't expect many people to read it. You guys have already been very inviting and kind, and I look forward to being active in this community :D Although I cant promise I wont disappear without warning for weeks at a time. Life is kinda hectic right now.

Oh yeah, and a custom avatar and signature are on the to-do list.