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23 March 2017 - 11:17 PM

In the cave both Bella and Camelon are now getting nervous hearing the bombs going off.


Queen Bella: How did they know about those? And what's setting them off?


Camelon: How am I suppose to know! :He puts out some fire on his cape:


Illusia is smirking at their antics and hearing the explosions getting closer was a bit of a relief for her as she was beginning to feel very stiff from where she was tied up.


Claris: Should we be worried about the explosions?


Illusia: looks over at Claris: I don't think so...I think that's the sound of our friends getting closer. Which means these jokers are about to get their butts handed to them


Camelon: Maybe we should just make things hot for the two of you instead.


Illusia: glares at Camelon: Try it and you'll be in a huge world of hurt...and not just because of my brothers.

In Topic: Shadows Across Nightopia

23 March 2017 - 11:05 PM

Illusia and the group keep moving towards the prison. Illusia felt scared, she hated Terror Mountains since she came close to losing her life there while she had been dodging Wizeman back when she was an outlaw in Nightmare.


Illusia: whispers: Vision, guys I don't like this place at all...


20 March 2017 - 03:01 AM

(Okay thanks for clearing that up.)


Back with the two plotting villains, Camelon and Queen Bella were still dodging and batting away the attacks from GIGA-XISBASS. A piece of ice from one of the Ice Balls had landed on the card over Illusia's mouth. It melted and soaked the card.


Illusia: blew until the card fell off her face: That's a relief...It's hard to laugh when gagged, especially since it doesn't look like those two dopes are not going to give up easily it looks like.


Claris: You're sure that it is a friend who's giving them such a hard time?


Illusia: Giggles: Very sure...and this guy is going to make them wish they never thought of this plot to gain favor with Wizeman and those KNIGHTMAREN.


Queen Bella: You just wait until I can catch my breath I'll give you something to laugh at!


Camelon: Maybe we should have brought Cerberus...he would have kept that green rouge quiet.


Illusia: Threaten me all you want! Just wait until my brothers and my friends get here!


Camelon: Yeah well...yikes! :bats a fire ball away: Just wait until our traps we have set are sprung then we'll see who has the last laugh.


Back with GIGA-XISBASS and the rest of the crew, they had reached Stick Canyon.


Helen: This place is huge...where could they be?


Will: And what about those traps Illusia warned us about in her message to Reala and Jackle? How are we going to find them without triggering them?


Reala: Well we all know what tricks those two have we just have to keep our eyes open for the signs of their meddling...Luckily I know this place pretty well. My guess is Queen Bella would hide out in the large caves that are due north from here and it looks like that's where the elemental balls are heading straight to.


Jackle: You...you don't think they'll have more help do you? What could they have guarding Illusia and Claris?

In Topic: Shadows Across Nightopia

20 March 2017 - 02:39 AM

The doors creaked open...a shadowy Nightmaren like creature looked around to see what had pounded on the door.


Illusia held her breath as they slipped into the forboding castle where everywhere around there could and were probably enemies waiting for them. She was glad of GIGA-XISBASS using his Invis3 Battlecard Preditation, that way her powers wouldn't be detected by the evil leader. Illusia bet if she used her powers she would have given them away because it was possible that the leader could sense her light powers...but she hoped not.


Illusia: whispering so low that only those in the group would hear her: I feel NiGHTS...the prison is that way.


She points down an even more dark and foreboding corridor of the castle that made Wizeman's throne room look like a amusement park.

In Topic: Shadows Across Nightopia

19 March 2017 - 01:50 AM

Soon a huge black door loomed up in front of them.


Reala: So now what we just knock on the door so they'll open the door?