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NiGHTS into Realism

22 January 2013 - 09:18 PM

Just a thing to ponder...
I am currently writing a novella on NiGHTS (don't worry this will not be centric on my work but a discussion of the challenges it raises) taking place within (mostly) the waking world, and I have been thinking about the following issue for a while now.
The scenario of a waking world version of the plot of NiGHTS into Dreams (with each character from the night dimension becoming human) raises issues on how a successful translation can take place without losing too much of the game's aspects. Which aspects could be easily translated? which aspects would require some thought into translating and require representation? Which parts would be impossible?

For example the ideya would be an issue (unless you're putting the story in a more fantasy-based waking world with magic and divine intervention) but what sort of the thing could the ideya be? A possible solution is to have the marens represented as bullies who get to Claris and Elliot (when they crack represents when the ideya is taken) and then someone (i.e. NiGHTS) would have to step in a counselling role, the regaining of the ideya would be Elliot and Claris recovering from the experience and solving the problem, but that sacrifices the ideya's physical form and loses point of each level, perhaps courage, hope etc. could be mentioned within dialogue.

Would this be impossible or are there ways for a successful translation? Discuss....

Help with Media Studies

14 January 2013 - 08:34 PM

I need your help. As past of my A2 Media Studies project I have to ask for other people’s opinions on what I have planned.
My project is on a videogame with a USP of introducing the younger generations to the games that the older generations would have recognised (i.e. Retro style).
The game is targeted at the younger generation of gamers with an age of 3+
The main plot is about a sock puppet called Rhett who gets kidnapped and held at a toy store (a toy story 2 esque scenario) and he must fight his way out to get home.
Here’s where I need your opinions
Would it be more suited to an RPG style or Platforming style?
I have idea of the name, but which is better Escape from the Toy Store or Rhett’s Adventure.
As part of the project I am doing
a commercial
2 sponsorship ads
a Radio ad
Can you think of any better alternatives?
Here’s a link to my blog so far, please let me know if there if there is any improvements I need to make
I need answers ASAP
P.S. This is for marketing purposes not actually building the game myself, I have little time to actually build it or change the project now.

Incredible Christmas Easter Egg

24 December 2012 - 06:30 PM

As all of you know today is Christmas Eve. At my house the TV was surprisingly unoccupied so I thought I would pick up JOD. I then went to check on how my nightopians were doing and to my ultimate joy the most wonderful Easter egg happened. First of all (as per usual during this time of year) it was snowing in the Dream Garden but then, instead of a version of Ai-Di-La I heard this little tune instead

I feel like I could kiss SEGA right now
Anyone else seen this before?