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Member Since 27 Jun 2011
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In Topic: Obedience or Defiance

11 August 2011 - 07:07 AM

(sorry I'm late again guys)

Cory: I'm Cory, and I'm a robomaren! *flies over to Coatl Quetzal and uses his ribbon to try and tie the huge beast's mouth shut* My body is entirely metal, so don't you go trying to bite down onto me!

In Topic: Has anyone watched Paprika?

28 July 2011 - 09:21 AM

I loved Paprika. I consider myself super-lucky to have watched it in theaters a couple years back. It's such a fantastic film and the animation is so beautiful that the big screen experience was extra amazing.

Satoshi Kon was definitely one of the few genius directors of modern anime; it's sad that he died last year. I almost bought a Japanese Laserdisc copy of Perfect Blue a few weeks ago, but opted against it, because it was expensive and I wouldn't be able to understand it.

I think Paranoia Agent is one of his hallmarks. It has some disturbing elements, but is essential viewing IMO.

Its nice to know that other people enjoyed it, and I had no idea that Satoshi Kon died last year! I probably won't be watching any more of his stuff though, it's too mature for my tastes >.<; ^^; have to admit that Paprika had it's beautiful side though, just like NiGHTS has it's own.

In Topic: Has anyone watched Paprika?

27 July 2011 - 03:35 PM

I love Satoshi Kon, but haven't gotten around to seeing Paprika yet. His style is so unique and just incredible.

Heh well I'm not likely going to watch another of his films, Paprika was very nearly too much for me @_@; regardless I totally recommend watching it!

Also we haven't talked before, its nice to meet you =3

In Topic: 15 years ago...

27 July 2011 - 06:54 AM

15 years ago I was a 6 year old complete Dinosaur nut and didn't know a thing about videogames (comes from living in a quaint little village in the middle of nowhere) and my main interest (and love) was the classic animated film series The Land Before Time. It was in 1998 when I got my first Gameboy Pocket along with a title named Defender & Joust which I never fully understood, and later got Pokémon Red, which was the first thing which pulled me into the world of gaming.

My story with NiGHTS starts in 1999, when my parents bought me a Dreamcast for christmas (I wanted a N64 at the time) along with Sonic Adventure, and man did I not know what kind of amazing experience I would get from playing it! (Sonic Adventure is still my fave game of all time) Anyway, as with I suppose a lot of people, my first experience was NiGHTS was in the Casinopolis Pinball, I thought it looked really cool, and loved the music, but it didn't grab my attention too much at the time. It wasn't until Sonic Pinball Party in 2003 that I became curious and interested enough to actually go out and buy the original game (and a Saturn to play it on, of course) the rest is pretty much the same as you guys, but I only ever finished it once or twice, thanks to Wizeman and some of the Nightmaren scaring the heck outta me.

Yeah, despite having searched online for NiGHTS related things, I oddly never came across this website, which is a real shame since it would have been awesome if I'd joined years ago, but I guess I'm stuck with only having been here for 2 years. Regardless, I hope to do great things for the community, and help support the making of a third NiGHTS title! (Although I suppose another NiGHTS game will likely have bosses which scare me all over again =_=; )

In Topic: Has anyone visited a Nightopia?

21 July 2011 - 10:04 AM

I think I've only had one experience like that. I was among these low hills of little colorful ball...candy....things. And there were colorful birch trees all around. The sky seemed eternally in a sunset/sunrise. It was pretty much Candyland LOL All the sudden NiGHTS popped up in front of me and made a " >8I " expression, like I was some sort of fascinating and yet disturbing insect XD NiGHTS has also appeared once or twice in just a jet-blackness. Never flown with him, though.

That sounds pretty crazy, I'm guessing that dream inspired the picture in your icon XD it made me laugh. I've never actually met NiGHTS in a dream, and the only Nightmaren I've ever met in a dream was Nightfly (which I later decided to call the enigmatic firefly Nightmaren in my dream) and in another a character from another series which I later decided to turn into a Nightmaren, Julie the Zora. Still it sounds like you have some pretty wild dreams, and that's a cool idea for a Nightopia!