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Chan Kaylore

Chan Kaylore

Member Since 03 May 2007
Offline Last Active Dec 25 2009 11:48 AM

Chan's Artwork

12 May 2007 - 12:58 PM

I've been on DeviantArt for a while, so anything past this first picture isn't necessarily new (as in, dated around 2004/5). Just thought I'd update with...well, an art update (hush, it's late for me. My brain conked out hours ago...)

Mostly I use traditional mediums, but sometimes I like to bash things out on OpenCanvas or Photoshop (both of which I'm still getting the hang of).

I'm babbling. Again.

Latest artwork:
Quick doodle of Jackle done in OpenCanvas, with colour lovingly slopped on via Photoshop. In keeping with the name on DeviantArt, here's that Cheshire Maren:

Posted Image

With a grin like that, I think he might eat someone's face off. Sketch done from memory, so one or two things may be off. Oh well <3

Scrappy artwork:

::26/5:: A copy and paste description from DA: Quick sketch at work done in horribly, horribly light pencil. Hence the severe butchering and darkening of the lines here (my poor scanner couldn't even see the thing).

Faffing about with Reala again, who currently looks like he had the living snot beaten out of him, and he's none too happy with that.

Unfinished, though I might do a cleaner version in the future.

Posted Image

Preview artwork:

No current work.

Previous artwork:
26/05: r e a l a
21/05: NiGHTS: The angry posing nancy
18/05: Reala sketch-in-progress. The lineart at least :(
12/05: Malicious Dancer

The rest (my older artwork), I'll just provide the DA links to.

SPiKES Fanart for CrystalGal23
U.V.NiGHTS Fanart (one of my better pieces)
U.V.NiGHTS - Tearing Me
Don't look at me (that's the title, not a warning btw)
Random itty-bitty sketch
MSN Chat Doodle

Ahaha, I'm so lazy...

11 May 2007 - 01:12 PM

I actually registered about a week ago but was too sodding lazy to actually do the obligatory intro post. Story of my life.

So. Thus.

Work-wise, I'm a vet nurse, and that's me on the business end of things. Spare time sees me doing various arty things (sketching being the main thing, though I dabble in a bit of writing and sewing too), walking a lot and now looking for a new motorcycle after my license just went through.

Only really recently got into NiGHTS about 4-5 years ago now. I was always one of those kids who would see the in-store ads and such, and sort of stare at them with wanton need. Then I bought a Playstation, of course, and the fandom was lost for a while.

After I got involved with DeviantArt, I really started noticing NiD artwork all over again and it sort of went from there. Course...still meant I was damn lazy in terms of joining any forums.

But here I am, ready for the public grilling. Have at you.

(I really am a nice girl, I'm just currently kind of manky and narky after work)