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Member Since 01 May 2007
Offline Last Active Oct 20 2012 07:56 AM

In Topic: How long have you been an active fan

03 July 2008 - 10:36 AM

I was back in the days when you were on Ez-boards, I don't know when that was though. l-lol.

In Topic: Pain in Dreams

01 July 2008 - 04:49 PM

I rarely, if at all feel pain in my dreams. It's like, my senses are dulled in some shape and form - so if I hit the ground from ten stories and land on my shoulder, sure I think I'd feel pain, but I wouldn't feel as much as I think I would as if I was awake.

...I'd be dead too, if you're technical about it buuuut...

In Topic: Darker NiGHTS?

31 May 2008 - 12:12 PM

On the topic of NiGHTS having a darker and more serious tone to it? I'm...not particularly sure if that's a good choice, while I like stepping into the darker aspects into it there's a certain charm I also like in it. A light, heart warming theme, but I can see them do nightmarish things - no need for taking souls, doing blood and gore, sometimes less is more in some instances. Leave it purely open to speculation alone so to speak! It's quite fascinating that way.

If it's to be dark, it'd be interestingly done in a more ...artistic style, no blood, no gore, perhaps in way of Okage. [ahhhh Okage~] Sometimes, simple things can make things irrational. For example, monsters in my dreams, horror movies I seen, none of them scare me as much as someone who might look absolutely and completely ... normal.

Then again I found the Silent Hill Series a psychological analysis more then a horror game, Resident Evil didn't scare me particularly... but ahhh, Fatal Frame on the other hand? That was enough to creep me out. My this has turned into a rambling about fear - hasn't it?

...To go a little offtopic about Black Sheep now!

I'd offer Black Sheep, but since I haven't seen that movie I can't say if it's actually scary or just laughable. Still, you can either argue that there's phobia for everything, or that it's supposed to look non-scary to fool people.

Honestly, I went in thinking it was a joke and it was ...one of the most ridiculously bloody, gory, and brutal movies I've seen. So I came out more or less confused, I mean I wasn't particularly scared or anything but a lot of the things could easily squick people.


So overall, I was left with...should I be scared, or should I be humored? Honestly, you can't make a horror movie about sheep seriously. ;) It just leaves so many people confused.

In Topic: Who's here inconsistently and seems to disappear from time to time?

31 May 2008 - 06:37 AM

My new computer? HAHA, no way. I don't touch Vista. But I do have a Mac all nice and awesome. KUFUFUFUFU

In Topic: Who's here inconsistently and seems to disappear from time to time?

30 May 2008 - 01:00 PM

Yeah, I basically came back to go - HEY GUYS I'M BACK then I disappeared again because my computer started to have epic problems.

But now with this monster at least, I won't have to worry about any for... another ... few years. Yes, this computer is amazing so far. I should actually get back to talking and doing a few amusing doodles again though, that'd be certainly wonderful since the internet has not seen my work since 2006. [That long? Amazing.]