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Member Since 25 Apr 2007
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In Topic: Vote for us!

16 January 2008 - 11:30 PM

Put in my vote~

In Topic: Encountering Reala...

15 October 2007 - 04:50 PM

I agree, I don't think Reala is a being you would want to seek out and meet... I had a dream where I encountered him and it was rather unnerving. XD In the dream I came across a man standing in a small bathroom. He was just staring into a fogged up mirror, mumbling to himself. He drew out the outline of Reala's head with his finger on the mirror, and Reala started to materialize IN the mirror, and came out of it to his waist. He grabbed the man by the throat, squeezed his claws into the man's neck, looked over at me and grinned sadistically. I woke up right after that. lol

I haven't seen him again since, which I consider a good thing. Although I enjoy drawing him and find his character interesting, I wouldn't want to be in his actual presence. I'm sure one thing he'd be really good at is deception, so whenever you do encounter him I'd keep that in mind. XD He might act friendly, but you may just find yourself in a bad situation like the poor guy in my dream, ah haha.

In Topic: TRiP's other OTHER art

09 October 2007 - 09:22 PM

My those tattoo designs are lovely~ I especially like the middle one... *loves intertwiney stuff* And the Harley pic is fantastic! I love your attention to detail and your inking/coloring skillz are to die for. <3

In Topic: Wanna Be On Show 04?

28 September 2007 - 09:10 AM

My clip has been sent~

In Topic: Ever encounter NiGHTS?

21 September 2007 - 07:49 AM

Recently had a dream in which I had my first encounter with him... kinda. There was this young girl, looked about 10-11, walking about in a bedroom. These sparkles surrounded by a pale purple-pink light appeared, and began moving about. Then they started to swirl and take shape, and NiGHTS manifested himself. He was see-through though, not solid. He flew around her and stopped to face her, his back to the window and night sky beyond it. He held his right hand out to her, which she hesitantly reached out and touched. At this point I had just been watching from 3rd person, then I started feeling what she was feeling. She got this feeling of calmness and happiness, and could "feel" him... can't describe that feeling with words though. He smiled, bowed and kissed her hand *aww* and she got the biggest smile on her face I've ever seen. lol And he spoke, though his voice wasn't what I had pictured, but wasn't off by much. It was male, but had a semi-deep, elegant tone to it. Was lovely listening to him talk~ He said something about... " I have heard you calling my name, and so, here I am " or something like that. Then the dream ended. >: *sadness* Was still amazing though, even if he wasn't interacting with me directly. XD He's so graceful... it's entrancing just watching him move, especially with all those SPARKLIES. .__.