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DiGi Valentine

DiGi Valentine

Member Since 14 Apr 2007
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DiGi's final thought

05 October 2012 - 12:10 PM

So NiGHTS is now out and some of you seem concerned, posting complaints. Naturally, everyone is entitled to their own opinion so feel however you want to feel about the port. What i will offer is a different perspective in hopes that maybe you can consider to see it from a different side of the fence.

Journey of Dreams while loved by some fans was generally blasted by critics and the general public. It didn't hold the NiGHTS name well and it hurt to see that after a decade of waiting the sequel that should have reinstated NiGHTS' name fell on a sour note, throwing the character down a dark path with the public and an even darker path with the company that owns him.
My goal was to bring NiGHTS back. All these campaigns i help start was for the basis of bringing a title back to those who have not played it and in the process bringing NiGHTS back up to being a respectful game in the industry.
It is with articles, such as this and this do we see this communities hard work pay off in returning NiGHTS to some former glory.

But your concerns lie in the playability. I've seen some extremely harsh comments in here, saying it's unplayable. Again, perspective a little.
NiGHTS on Saturn had a controller BUILT specially just for the game. That kind of dedication to a single title no longer exists anymore, certainly not from a SEGA budget in this day age. You're looking at a company who is trying to bring a title back to multiple platforms in shorter development times than what the original game got.
Unplayable? That's a tad extreme. I've tested this title to hell and back, i've seen builds of this game that WAS unplayable and what we have right now on sale is playable and enjoyable and that's why the reviews are coming in favorable and positive.

The masters and players of the Saturn version may notice the difference and a difference there is, but it does not ruin the game. In fact, technically, it should be a whole new learning curve for you guys. A new challenge, even. Some say the angle and timing of NiGHTS is a little off. Guess what? I said the same thing. Within my power i tried to do all i could, but there's only so much and so little time to do anything. I wish everyone could step in to this industry for five minutes just to understand it a little better, you'll realize just what's possible to do and what isn't. With NiGHTS though i feel we are lucky because it still plays really well IF you're willing to give it a chance.

So i ask you, instead of feeling disheartened (like i initially did), re-learn to play it. Join us on the scoreboards and leaderboards, you will find fun in this if you give it the time it deserves.

If not and you still refuse to play this port then ..well ...honestly, i have to admit, i feel kinda sorry for you. You're missing out on something quite nice, a moment in time where NiGHTS is in the spotlight in a positive way. But i'll respect your choices so do what you will.
Just don't forget why we did all these campaigns to begin with. From where i'm standing, we succeeded in everything we set out to do and should be damn proud and furthermore enjoy our reward.