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Dark Messiah

Dark Messiah

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Ruina Somnium: Destruction of Dreams

22 September 2008 - 05:19 PM

[Please see The Ad//OOC Forum for rules, descriptions, joining, and updates.]


A month. One whole month it has been - down the the day since this nightmarish world was created - fused together by two opposing realms. Some areas, beautiful, others were horrifying. Society of Humans were hard pressed to continue on as regular when roads that were all too familiar would dip down into underwater cities out of no where. People claimed it to be retribution from their Gods, others believe witchcraft had summoned these odd beings. Others accepted this change and tried to move with it.

Marissa was one of these. Being a bit of an artist herself, she found many things inspirational int his new world - and every chance she got she would explore it. With school out, it made things much easier for the time to explore it.

Today, she stood beneath a beautiful tree that had really no definition to what kind it was: Tall and thick like an oak, but the leaves were different shades of color and shape. Setting a hand against the light green bark, she managed to chip a piece away to try and see the wick within: a very light lavender hue greeted her, and that was enough for her - and began to note the difference in her little composition journal.

"Where to go to today..?" she asked herself a loud, not really caring if anyone heard her or not, as she would turn her head, gazing about the area of the wide field with a beautiful lake: Not to mention the fact this was a part of the rural areas of the nearby city.

Ruina Somnium: Destruction of Dreams

06 September 2008 - 07:35 AM

"Attero somnium, servo ago, is totus opes nusquam in terminus..."

It happened suddenly, too quickly for any being (be they human or Maren) to comprehend. The three worlds: Waking, of Dreams, and of Nightmares, were suddenly drawn together over night to create one new world. How this came to be no one knows, but chaos is wrecking as Marens haunt beings, and humans naturally adjusting to the fact their own dreams are alive before them in this twisted fairy tale of life.

However, beings adjust and evolve to fit their current life styles - it is the natural order of things. Though is has only been a month since The Great Fusion, people are still adjusting to the new changes.

What is your role in this new life? Are you a helping hand? A neutral to your own business? A back stabber? Are you enjoying this new world or seeking to change it back to it's origins by discovering what has managed to happen behind the scenes?

"Ostendo mihi vestri tripudio of vita in meus parum abyssus..."

Roleplay Forum


  • 22-September:
  • Roleplay Thread Created in Nightmare Section.
  • Accepting Characters.

  • 06-September:
  • Introduction completed.
  • Rules Completed.
  • Character Skeleton Added.
  • Accepting Characters.

Every place has it's rules. (Sorry so long)

  • Cannon Characters: There will be NONE! No NiGHTS, Reala, Wiseman - Nadda! Lets see some creativity here, please. If your character is tied to a Cannon Character, we will discuss something - but preferably, no.
  • Accepted Races: Any. You can be Human, Maren, whatever. Feel free to make up a special race in this new world - but if you do this, I would like a little detail on the race that way f someone's bored enough, someone could play another one.
  • No GodModing: For those not used to this term: You are not God. You cannot constantly dodge bullets, never take hits, all powerful, blah blah blah. First offense is fine, but I will lay down the all mighty hammer if it comes down to it. I will be giving everyone the benefit of the doubt with their character's powers, if they have any...
  • No PowerPlaying: For those not used to this term:You cannot control other people. So please don't...
  • Do NOT use OOC to IC! Those who do not know what this means - if you could not figure it out as your character in the roleplay, then you do not know it! Just because it says so in the profile does not mean it may be obvious!
  • Be Considerate: I want everyone to enjoy themselves; if someone is causing problems, tell them in PM or tell me and allow me to handle the situation. I will be keeping an eye out, but I may need the assistance.
  • Only 2 Characters Allowed for Each Person! I do not want to see a fully flooded area of characters that are not getting played; so I am restricting it to just two for now. If you are demonstrating capabilities of handling more, I will let you know. For everyone's benefit - figure out a creative way to show the difference between both of your character's posts. Two separate colors works most often. (This does not include NPCs. Have as many of those as you want).
  • Be Semi-Literate: I am no Grammar-Nazi. In fact I will be the first to admit I fail at the English language (it's my birth language too, go figure). As such, so long as you are making an effort to be descriptive, trying to make your misspellings make sense to the best of your abilities, and your grammar and punctuation make some sense, I will not complain. However, I will not accept net speak, 1337, or anything there of.
  • Paragraph and third person: Try and roleplay in the third person, and I expect - with this being semi-literate and all - to have a minimum of a paragraph post for each post. I understand writer's block, because it happens, but I will say something if it becomes a habit of making one liners.
  • You are APART of this! I intend to make this a very long term roleplay - so only join if you are serious. Also, feel free to be creative and create things in this world. I am not against it - I love it when the players take initiative. I am leaving a lot vague - giving you all a blank canvas.
  • I reserve the right: to make changes to the rules or add as I see fit.

The World:

As it says in the introduction, no one knows what has happened in the world - but something of dark magic has fused all three of the worlds together - and now cities bleed into demonic or fantasy settings. Sky scrapers shift from normal foundations up into spiraling dark metal that easily could fit a old timed horror movie; or the local river shifts into lavender waters with flying fish, glitter in the air, and living trees. It is a true blend of the worlds.

The legends of NiGHTS, Reala, and those involved have been gone for some time - no one knowing where they went or what really happened to them - easily estimated around a thousand years. It has been a month since the fusing - what will you do?

The Addiction! All dream creatures - good and evil alike, are becoming more and more drawn to the very energies most have been created by. The Ideya's are like a drug in the hands of everyone - how it influences you, I will allow you to decide. Keep in mind it is only a small addiction for the moment - but as time goes on, these addictions will get worse and worse. Can you fight it? It's your character, but again, as time goes on.... That's right - by draining an Ideya, you're taking away a part of a human. (Oh Snap, what'll happen here?)

[--Note--: As Posts are added and major places made up, I will add them here - so feel free to be creative!]

The Character Sheet:
Use this skeleton for your characters please.

[b]Ideya Addiction:[/b] Which one are you attracted to? (Humans do not have to answer this one)
[b]Powers:[/b] Humans naturally have none - but who's to say in all this world they cannot learn to focus it?
[b]Abilities:[/b] For Humans, but others can have them too.
[b]Weaknesses:[/b] You must have at least 2! If you do not hint to your weakness in IC, that's fine - but if you notice someone cheating and using this information, notify me immediately. This is here for me to make sure your characters are well rounded.
[b]Brief History:[/b]
[b]Appearance:[/b] Can be an image if you want it to be.

Not really an intro...

03 September 2008 - 05:09 PM

Yup, I'm back. Finally have steady internet access, so you'll see me online a lot more often; if that wasn't a gimme.. XD