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Golden Charm

Golden Charm

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In Topic: Bayonetta

17 January 2010 - 09:11 PM

Kinships are scum to me, its not that they're particularly strong and obliterateful...its just that fighting them always seems to cause such silly mistakes. Like beating one up on the deck and not seeing the grapplers coming- or my personal gripe- failing to land on them entirely. XD

Grace and Glory...(and their counterparts Gracious and Glorious) are so quick and can hit you so rapidly its unreal...though witch time helps with first pair. I describe them as being crosses between wolverine-ish (animal, not x-men....well okay x-men too in combat style, but not enough attitude) type foes and Delsabers, with two shield arms. That's why they must die.
But everyone else I know calls them Sinow's...which makes more sense I guess, given they are red and blue.

I love Golem...its defeat cracks me up every time.

I prefer comedy style games over really serious ones in the most case (there are always exceptions), so it sounds like I'd prefer Bayo over DMC, if I ever played it. XD

In Topic: PSN Names

17 January 2010 - 04:20 AM


No surprises there.

In Topic: Bayonetta

17 January 2010 - 03:33 AM

Having been playing it for quite a few days, one thing is clear. The game is just supreme.

I don't generally play many action games, not a great fan. Heck, I never played any of the Devil May Cry series. In fact the last action game I played for any length of time close to Bayonetta was the Streets of Rage series. XD

There's just so much epic win involved. From using her hair to act as her outfit, a weapon and channel demons to rewarding the player with a poledance, there's just a unique level of over-the-top entertainment, that almost makes you wonder what the makers were thinking of during the creation process.

I'm with DiGi, on the grounds that I want to see a sequel, but it'd be really hard-pressed to keep it on par with the original. But I have a different opinion than Zero regarding the cutscenes...most of them either contain something really funny,
or contains a nice action sequence you're unable to perform yourself. I understand that it feels like some of the action for the player has been removed, but the game has so much action already that I don't think its missed. (Though I have already stated I'm not big into action games, so that probably accounts for it.)

Many people have mentioned it already, but the sheer degree of references in the game is out of this world, despite the fact I don't even recognise most of them. I was informed today that it has a Thundercats reference. Seriously.

I've got quite a lot of the trophies...
...but I still maintain I'm not great at the game. Overcoming the Alfheim portals really help you learn some madskillz, though.

To finish, I already said this on Twitter, but the "Let's Dance Boys" tune is seriously catchy. I can get it lodged in my head for hours at a time, because the tune has so many logical ending points, that I don't remember where the tune actually ends and so it loops back to different portions of the tune and seems to loop infinitely. Not that I'm complaining. :D
Also, the remix of "Fly Me to the Moon" just seems to sound remarkably NiGHTS-y to me. There's definitely some beats in it that remind me of some of the original NiGHTS music.


In Topic: Bayonetta

06 January 2010 - 02:12 PM

DL'ed the PS3 demo the other day, will likely pick this game up.

Nice paced action game, with an interesting tale...looks good.

In Topic: Phantasy Star Zero

06 January 2010 - 01:32 PM

I got the game imported shortly after its US release, but haven't yet said my piece on it because of various factors...the first of which is a DS with with a permanently stuck on R Button, makes the game almost impossible to play. I'm looking into a new one...using my sisters DS to steal shots when the urge hits...but won't be posting my friend code until I get my new one since the whole register one card to one console thing- so I can't use my sisters to play it online. (Although, to be honest, on my PS3 more often than the DS lately.)

My thoughts on the game are simple...
It is basically a do-over of PSO in a Western-ish style, utilizing most of its gameplay features, it gives the feeling of PSO back to anyone who was disappointed by PSU. Then for good measure it adds in rolls for more evasive strategy and adds in photon arts, although mostly weapon-specific. I'm not fond of the charging spells to increase their power, but that's really just a personal miff- its not enough to ruin the game...I think.

Loving the return of red items and also loving the fact that everyone gets their own specific pools of items, so no thieverizing. On top of the good additions also has to be that special effect weapons happen with both strong and weak attacks and not their own inaccurate attack, which works better.

Photon Blasts are pretty good too, although somewhat difficult to aim...not as bad as Golla, though. That stag really boiled my brains. XD

Starting to get the urge to play it now, kinda. XD