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In Topic: My Dream Stamps

21 April 2008 - 04:37 AM

I can tell you that the Pian stamp doesn't have anything to do with mepians. I've yet to make a mepian in either NiGHTS game. @_@ I just don't have the coordination for it. Anyway, my point is that I have no mepians but I have the pian stamp. My pian and heart stamps appeared at the same time, but as I wasn't watching my journal too closely, I'm not positive WHEN it happened -- I just know I noticed it after I got maxxed out on pians at 80. Whether or not I noticed the stamps when they first appeared is debatable.

In Topic: My Dream Stamps

20 April 2008 - 04:12 PM

That... That wouldn't be funny. That beast would haunt my DREAMS. O_O The super pian already does.

dreamer: D:>

Erm, back on topic... I think I read in another thread that the third stamp is a maren stamp. Anyone have any clues for obtaining that one? T_T I hate that I'll have to basically let them destroy my garden to get that one, if that is in fact what it is.

In Topic: My Dream Stamps

19 April 2008 - 06:38 PM

I know that visiting doesn't have to do with getting the heart or pian stamps, because I have both and haven't visited or had visitors. All I've done is had a garden full of happy pians, and it did get maxxed out at one point. I don't have all A's either, but my grades are all at least C or higher.

In Topic: Lots of My Dream questions

15 April 2008 - 06:43 AM

Naw, only in stages you can create mepians. As I've tried to explain by paralooping both or by a maren in ball form bashing/touching a pian.

Just thought it'd be important to point out that in the JoD strategy guide, it says (or at least implies) that mepians can be made in My Dream. Here's the passage that concerns it:

"If you decide that you no longer want to have a certain nightmaren in My Dream, you can get rid of it by hitting it with two blue chips, just as you would in any other situation. And because nightmaren occasionally destroy objects in My Dream, there's something to be said for controlling their numbers. However, the nightmaren also serve a purpose in My Dream. If a nightmaren and a nightopian collide with each other, they can form a completely new form of A-LIFE, which hatches form an egg. These unique forms of A-LIFE inherit the traits of their nightmaren and nightopian parents, and the results can be incredible!"

Granted that they don't SPECIFICALLY say the collision takes place in My Dream, but the passage does point to that given that they said that it was "purpose they serve" there. Maybe the guide's just inaccurate, as this is by Bradygames and not Sega themselves, but, just thought I'd bring it up.

In Topic: Your Highest WORLD Rankings

15 April 2008 - 06:23 AM

Well, I don't post much around here, and I just discovered how to do world rankings tonight, soooo I thought I'd brag a little. My best rank isn't a single digit like most of you guys, but I think it's pretty damn good at least. My best score is in the second Donbalon battle.

World: Pure Valley
Boss: Donbalon (second battle)
Rank: 49
Total Participants: 4,990

Like I said, not a single digit, but I still think that's pretty good considering how many I'm up against. Screenie to come when I decide to not be lazy.