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Silvia Callisto

Silvia Callisto

Member Since 26 Apr 2007
Offline Last Active Jun 13 2008 12:41 AM

Um... ...hi?

27 April 2007 - 12:28 AM

Okay, big debue post...and I'm more than certain that I spelled 'debue' wrong, I'm just too lazy to go and spell check it...

Anyway! My name is Silvia Callisto (...well, actually, my character name is - but it works), call me Silver or Silvia to shorten things. Or Callisto, Callisto's good... I'm 14 years young, currently a girl in the eighth grade and eagerly awaiting high school, an aspiring artist and writer (now if only I can COMPLETE a story for once...) who likes to role play, act, and sing. Dislikes include bad music, bad food, people who have no taste in induviduality, that kind of thing...nothing much bothers me, really. This site, actually, was what got me into NiGHTS...and now I'm darn well obsessed with it, seeing as to how I was like...compltely oblivious to video games when it came out? Currently hoping to get a Wii and the new NiGHTS game for Christmas.

...Jeez, I hate describing myself on forums...

I'm also a gamer with multiple computer, PS2, and Gamecube games. First game I ever played was Sonic 2, when I was very little and I was over at the house of some friends of the family. Video games vanished from my mind until we got a PS2 while I lived in California.

I stumbled across the NiGHTS into Dreams site after playing Sonic Riders and seeing NiGHTS in it. I started looking up more info, and I stumbled across TRiPPY's site sometime during Febuary. Sometime after finding it, I started lucid dreaming again after...I forget how long. So I partially thank NiGHTS and I partially thank TRiPPY for getting my dreams back. (Yes, I have no transition between those two paragraphs and they are nowhere related to each other save for video games. I'm spontaneous that way.)

WARNING: You might see me cuss, but you might also see me use terms from a sci-fi show called 'Farscape'. Most definately if I ever say its equivalent of the F-Word. (I refuse to say the actual word myself.)

OKAY, enough about me! It's a pleasure to meet all of you!