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Member Since 26 Apr 2007
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NiGHTS Flying Again

26 April 2007 - 04:52 PM

I remember 11 years ago when I first bought my Sega Saturn and started playing NiGHTS. I was 10 years old, It was the perfect game of truimp over all the wrongs in life. The game made whole days seemed like minutes, it was great. I remember going to sleep and forcing dreams to happen the way I wanted or atleast in a certain theme I wanted; most of them weren't exactly about NiGHTS but relating to it. Looking back at it now, the game itself opened me on to alot of ideas; abit more spiritual in general I guess. A big part of it was it's music, so happy and devoid of lyrics (for the most part). I love Newage, Ambience, and Chillout Music to this day and thats directly because of NiGHTS. I can keep writing about this but I'm sure you guys all know about the millions of things NiGHTS unlocked within you.

Well thats my story, and I can't wait for NiGHTS 2 to capture me again.