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In Topic: Ever encounter NiGHTS?

18 November 2007 - 05:37 PM

I actually just had a dream involving a NiGHTS encounter this morning, and came here to see if I could relate it to anyone else's.

I was actually a little offended (just a little pinch :( ) at all the disbelief around people actually seeing NiGHTS in dreams.

Lately I've had a few dreams where NiGHTS appears when I'm in a tough or scary situation and helps me out of it. It seems like it's become a routine for me to call for his help. XD and I wouldn't consider myself a HUGE fan, either.

I think a lot of this has to do with this decision making thing that started to happen in my dreams about a year ago. I had a dream where aliens had invaded my neighborhood (think Shadow the Hedgehog), and after panicking for a minute, I made a decision to fight the aliens. Up until I had this dream, I would have run away and probably woken up shortly after. But it was in this dream that I first decided to take the situation into my own hands and turn things around for the better.

Lately it seems that NiGHTS has worked his way into this mechanism. If things get scary I can summon NiGHTS and he stands with me or helps me fly or something. Flying with NiGHTS is a lot of fun :3