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Member Since 26 Apr 2007
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Lunar's Art

28 April 2007 - 03:31 AM

So I decided hey, why not, right? I like drawing, there's of course an art like thread here, so it works.

Basically I take off from the anime style but I'd love to learn other ones. Realism is something I'm looking forward to learning next year when I'll FINALLY have the option. I'm self-taught and have been for um... around 3 years now. No, I haven't been seriously drawing since way back when but I started drawing in late 6th-7th grade and that was all during a rather rough period of time for me. I believe art saved me, even though much of it was morbid ( >->; ). I got to vent, and get rid of allll the negative emotions I was feeling.

Now, though obviously my life isn't sugar and cupcakes (though I could use one) I've been doing good, have a good number of friends that I like hanging with, two best friends I trust my life with, and a weird British alter-ego who likes to make my life crazy but usually helps. .... Usually...

ANYWAY. If you want to request you can, HOWEVER I am without a scanner so I'll either do the request on the comp or draw it, take a pic, and do major touch ups on the comp. That's what I did with the Chris picture you see below.
So, here we go.

- Barkule Race (continuous)

- The Blue Rebellion (colab with Ross)
- DN Storyline (colab with Ross)
- Whatever the heck else I write XD
- The Phil/Lunar/Guardian/not really Metroid story (colab with Phil. This story is weird, and yet makes total sense.. ._.)


Chris Sky- That British man with blue hair.
Posted Image

Lunar, Guardian of Light, Keeper of the Gates, and Caretaker of the Dream Realm
Posted Image
Lunar (not me) is a Celestial Wolf. He and his brother Wolfasaur are the two Guardians who were appointed by The Almighty to watch over all the different dimensions of time, space, and dreams. The story of Lunar and the Guardians interwine with the DN storyline even though Ross and Phil have never been able to talk or communicate with each other. One of these days we'll probably hook up on three way calling though XD

InfInItE- Dream Protector
Posted Image
InfInItE, or Finnis as 'he' is called to those who see him as being masculine (like Chris does in the DN storyline) is a Dream Protector. Now before anyone says anything YES NiGHTS and certain aspects of Trippy's storyline and view of dreams has influenced me. However, you'll find things different and none of it has any real relation with either afore mentioned subject. Now then. Dream Protectors are androgynous, as in they have no defining parts of a gender but can look like more of one whenever they choose/how the Client sees them. 'Ninja' Chris sees him as more masculine so he is since Chris is his Client. DP's work with drEAm Hounds (you'll see a pic of one of them next) to fight and kill nIghtmArE Demons. Lunar is at the pinnacle of the whole thing, but you rarely see him or hear of him in the story or pics.

drEAm Hound-
Posted Image
Usually they look quite calm, peaceful, and actually if your lucky enough to see them in your dreams (when they aren't hunting a nIghtmArE) are quite playful =D And as you see, no real mouth to speak off. But when they're hunting... Well... Later pics shall reveal.

Still Just Waiting...
Posted Image
Yes. I will readily admit that the lyrics in the background and whole inspiration for this picture was Digi's 'Another Night ~ the Waiting' This, and the above pic, were done uh... during school XD;; I didn't have pencils, but did have super fine tipped sharpies. So, therefore, I used the characters respective colors. Who's Chris waiting for? Well, if you wanna know, I guess you'll have to wait for more pics or story bits. =D

(older style) Ninja Chris
Posted Image
Not much has REALLY changed as far as appearance except his hair is how the first picture shows it. Yes, he does in fact have white skin. His whole clan does. They're also all 'blind' but that's for another time.

{drEAmIng rEAlItY}
Dreaming of reality
Of chaotic fatality
Where mortals lie sleeping
The Protectors watch keeping

The darkness falls faster
Now hail this disaster
Dreamscapes are broken
In panic awoken

The phantoms of fear
They creep and they hear
They feed on our screaming
Our cries for redeeming

Oh where are the creatures of dreaming light
Who now can come hastily to aid us this night?
Of jesters, of beasts, of people, they appear
To us now they fly for our cries they can hear

Be gone all ye cursed creatures of dread
Light shineth through and darkness has fled
Imagination it seems was the key to this lock
Let open the doors so ideas may flock

So now when you sleep
Your dreams they shall keep
Your friend and your guide
On wings of light shall you ride


Annnnd, I'm done XD; Oh. Yeah. I dabble in writing. As far poems go, I prefer them to rhyme. I enjoy the theory of Rhyme and Rhythm greatly.

Hola, hullo, and all that other stuff

27 April 2007 - 06:05 AM

So... I was on the old forums.. a bit... But then I had responsibilities to my own rpg site and life in general and well... I'll give a strong attempt to actually stay active here. I have reason to, and a bit more free time these days.

So lessee. I'm Luner as far the net goes, I like video games (obviously), art is my passion (though I'm sure a lot of people here say that XD), and umm... Ah! Carl Jung, dreams in general, and the power of imagination and all things beyond reality influence me greatly. Though I've never had the pleasure of playing NiGHTS Trippy did a good job of inadvertently getting me interested. And actually I think first it was Mangapunksai and then Digi and THEN through them I discovered Trippy and therefore NiGHTS. And, well, it's been crazy mad from there. Fun though. Always fun.

So. Yeah. If I can ever get a hold of a Wii I am in fact planning on getting the new NiGHTS game. I'm too curious and fascinated not too.

Anyway. It's 1AM here and I have school to go to in 5 hours. Hello and goodnight. =D