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In Topic: Something Interesting

03 March 2009 - 02:17 AM



I'm really steamed! I have to fill out this dumb form, and it's got all these-- *clears throat*-- I can't believe they let us down like that. They should realize by this point if they quit with the monotony that is Sonic, they'd be a little better off. Sonic was great, but now I'm tired of seeing him in games that barely work (Secret Rings, anyone?). I waited longer than I could imagine waiting for this, and I tried to hide the fact, but I was seriously let down. The whole thing's a fluke. They have big wigs in there that don't even know what the bloody hell they're talking about. It's like... "Fill out this form, take this test, and write an over 9000 word essay. You have five minutes and can only use this yellow-green crayola crayon with the f***ing paper chewed off by my spoiled rotten three year old grandaughter that has more money that you can ever dream of."

Ok, but seriously. This is not cool. I'm totally down with your idea, DiGi.

On second thought...

New plan. Everybody; shotguns. Tonight we dine etc!

Oh, come on. You know you love Stretch Werehogstrong.

I think I'mma go cut myself now. ._____________________________________.

EDiT: Posted Image Just thought I'd leave this here.