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Unable to dream?

17 October 2008 - 08:50 PM

I don’t really know if this has been already around but I need to know x3 someone is unable to dream? I am, I always remember my dreams and, when I was little (Until 10 or so) I dreamed every day, though most were nightmares :P even then I could do mostly all freely until one day the dreams, and even nightmares, begun to fade...

I haven’t been interested in dreams after I stopped playing Nights (Never had a dreamcast, sadly, played with a friend until he went away), though now that I have the Wii game I am interested again in the world of dreams, as well as hoping I will still be lucid if I can dream again.

Does anyone know a way you can regain your dream capability x3? Ten years since my last dream, and I doubt that daydream with my imagination counts, since that is all I have.

Fanfic: Nights as Echoes

17 October 2008 - 08:07 PM

Well as I said in my presentation: I am Locutus (Or at least that is the name of my character in NiGHTS), a writer of stories, both the normal kind, that are for everyone, or adult the adult ones… for not so much as everyone.

As I am getting information of NiGHTS and all the fandom, as well as reading stories and comics or seeing pics, well, let’s say I ended having more or less an idea which, sadly, also had to do with a bit of adult themes.

With this I don’t want to mean that Nights into Echoes is a… well fully “adult” (to be polite) story, it has its moments and its scenes though most the fanfic is about adventures and the fantasy of it.

The genres of the story are fantasy, as you guessed, adventure and comedy, but also drama in some places as well as violence (Maybe with some gore and very descriptive scenes, as well as death… or not, and if there is, there will be as much as the other adult themed kind) and the already mentioned “adult” themes.

Now, what will contain this adult teems I am talking about? Since they are the main motive I want opinions it must be important no? Well… for a kid based character, yea, it is important as I don’t know if I would be able to place here the stories and I want the opinions (and an answer) from the fandom.

Adult content about: Yaoi, probably this will be the most common thing, yuri that will fallow the first, and finally the normal theme…
Will the story contain a lot of it? Most surely not, a scene (maybe big, maybe not) each two or three chapters, probably will have more adult content as in kisses and the like, though seeing that each chapter is around 5 to 20 pages in 12 times new roman it will mean that the adult situations will be, most surely, few and small in comparison with the story itself.
Why so much flush about it then? Because as I said, NiGHTS is a kid character and (want it or not) the fandom has mostly that kind of people that are young and not interested (And that I don’t want to harm) with this kind of content.

Whit all this I mean I can understand if I can’t publish the story in here so the more sensible audience doesn’t get harmed, but if anyways someone still want to read it (as I will place them somewhere else) I will gladly try to have links around only in case.

Though now that I think of it, this place is mostly to give everyone a peek about the ideas before you post them, no? Well I would like to give away something, but I want you all to read if you are interested (And over 18 in some chapters) and then tell me… that or after I know if I can or not I will post a bit of the idea if the people want :3

So that is why I placed this here, to know if it was alright (And yes, maybe I am a worrying a bit TOO much, but better ask before doing).

Thanks everyone, hope I didnt bother you all too much :3

The green writing jester

17 October 2008 - 06:22 PM

Heheheheh x3 I am alive and flying around x3 *as said, goes flying around :3* Shame about being afraid of heights... Well now getting serious (as serious as I can be of course...) Hello everyone :3 I am Locutus, know in most places as Uros, but since I recovered my old NiGHTS character I prefer to have his name in the fandom, as I created it for that purpose when I found the game a lot of years ago :3

I am a writer of fantasy, adventures and the like... I must admit I am also an ADULT story writer and as such I am doing (I tried to hold but I couldn’t resist) a story about NiGHTS. That though, will be covered in the creative studio section :3

Also I like to read, both comics and stories and as such I am trying to do it with all that is on the reading section x3... slowly but doing so.

Well I think that is all (And a helluva lot) thank yoush all :3


Oh, I forgot to say why I liked NiGHTS so much heheheh, sorry :3 Asides of the music and the game itself, the little time I was with NiGHTS served me when I was little to dream, and probably the best ones I had x3 Sadly, when I couldn’t play anymore I lost some of the interest on dreaming as I got some more mature games on my hands.

When I got my hands on the Wii game I must admit I blushed ^^""" Long time lost friend now found, you could say, though so many years that I don’t dream anymore, at least my daydreaming is as good as before and with NiGHTS: Journey of dreams, I can at least have some fantasy like when I was a lil child x3 Something I don’t get to do much lately, so I felt like I owed him something, and thus, begun to have an interest in NiGHTS again that ended in me here :3 Though sorry I am so late and sadly still knowing little of it after years of not having contact with the character (and the fandom).