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PC Version?

11 October 2010 - 12:44 AM

While I was reading the Yuji Naka interview (very excited it was able to happen btw!), I came across a section discussing a supposed PC version released in Japan.

Nidcom: Is it true that in the 1990's a PC version of NiGHTS into Dreams was planned? There was a rumour that it existed at one point and one of the new levels was called 'Sparkle Attic'? Can you tell us more about this, perhaps?
Yuji Naka: I thought production was completed. Wasn't the PC version put on the market? I actually participated in the release of the PC version of NiGHTS in Akihabara. So I thought it was on the market. But this is for sure, there is no new level.
See: http://game.watch.im...030321/sega.htm

Here's a translated version of the quote: http://translate.goo...t...l=&ie=UTF-8

So apparently in 2003 SEGA's "B-CLUB" service uploaded NiD? I'm interested in finding out more about the B-CLUB.