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In Topic: Contest winners!

21 January 2013 - 06:34 AM

Any update on this?

In Topic: Your Personal Ideya++

16 November 2012 - 09:17 AM

Well I don't generally like to choose things outside of canon without more "evidence" to go on, but since you introduced the "other" option, I decided to expostulate.
Do I actually think there are other colors? Not really, but I wouldn't rule it out as a possibility/find it unreasonable. And I would disagree on the Inspiration label. Inspiration is not a trait, not something you can cultivate as tool for interacting with the world. You can't use or summon inspiration, you can only be inspired--it's an outside force, whereas Intelligence, Purity, Courage etc are things that come from within. Thus Creativity would better fit the bill, something you're born with and can continue to develop and nurture. I suppose you can also be inspiring, but that's the ability to fill others with purpose, lift people up and get them moving or engaged, which is not at all what I'm talking about in myself. I am literally talking about the ability to (keyword) create, to take the threads of other ideas and weave them into something new, to look at the world and see it in a unique way. If I inspire anyone with my work, that's an unintentional byproduct, and I certainly can't control what inspires me or when. In fact creativity is what lets you push through and create even when inspiration won't hit.

If indeed there are other Ideya, I would classify them as... other Ideya. The canonical five would perhaps be the essential Ideya, the most important for Dreamers or maybe just the most basic, so Primary works. Maybe any others would be known as secondary? I don't really know what they would be... perhaps something like Empathy as well as Creativity? I mean it really depends how we're defining Intelligence here, which is a whole 'nother conversation. General intelligence? Academic? Ability to process information? Are we including emotional intelligence? I personally separate Intelligence from Creativity, which is why I'd make it a whole different Ideya. I.e. Intelligence is the ability to absorb and analyze information, and then apply that information in a logical, reasonable way. Creativity is the ability to create NEW information, to think outside the box and use or interpret given information in ways that the average person might not think of. And I'm also here defining Intelligence in a purely cerebral fashion, which would make it a completely different animal from emotional intelligence, which for the sake of this conversation I'm going to label Empathy. If we use these definitions, then no, I would not consider these two hypothetical Ideya as derivatives of the primaries. You can be as intelligent as the day is long, but that doesn't mean you can make up a good bedtime story.

But uh... yeah, I basically stick to the five mentioned in the games. And actually, I haven't answered the poll yet : D I just posted.

In Topic: Your Personal Ideya++

09 November 2012 - 01:27 PM

If there's an ideya for Creativity, I'd go with that color. Mind you, blue is my favorite color and if pressed I might even admit intelligence... I did spend a good deal of my academic career defining myself by my grades and arguing with myself over the intrinsic value of academic achievement in the real world, and expostulating on the inadequacies of our education system and the relationships between grades and actual intelligence... so I was tempted to choose blue. But I have also always been of a creative nature, and what gives me the most pleasure is to bring life to things-- words, lines on a page, characters and worlds, whether it be through drawings, writing, or acting. The act of creation brings me to life.
I'm sure my maren is the same.

So uh... what color is that, indigo? I'm choosing indigo because purple isn't blue enough, but if I can have blue as well, Creativity can be purple.

In Topic: Other favourite games

18 October 2012 - 12:43 AM

I generally favor action and fighting games over other genres.

Some other faves:

Sonic (duh)
Street Fighter, Marvel/Capcom games
Streets of Rage 2
The Neverhood
Shadow of the Colossus
Ratchet and Clank (series)
Rayman 2
Guardian Heroes
Soul Calibur (Dreamcast)

Ooh! Second on Okami. How could forget Okami?? Gorgeous, gorgeous Okami.

Also have a soft spot for Katamari (first two) and the occasional Harvest Moon.

In Topic: Other favourite games

17 October 2012 - 09:38 AM

Ocarina of Time is my one true love. It was my first RPG, gave me masses of inspiration that got me more seriously into drawing, and for me is always good for a replay.
I like Zelda games in general, with the N64 games being my favorites. I'm not into shooters... I prefer swords or good old fashioned fisticuffs. I'm kind of a Nintendo junkie (don't hate me) so Smash Bros. is right up on my list. Also a fan of Sonic games and the Kingdom Hearts series. Not so much Final Fantasy, but of that series, IX is my favorite. And then there's Journey. I don't even have the words to elaborate.

And well, I've not played these, but I really want to try Assassin's Creed and Arkham Asylum/City/whathaveyou.