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Lady Spritzy

Lady Spritzy

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Of All Time OOC

15 August 2009 - 06:04 PM

Hey all, I know I haven't been around here all summer, but I've been playing around with this idea for a while. This is the first RP I've ever tried to lead, so please go easy on me. I'm hoping to start on September 1st, but only if I've got enough people in all slots.

Story: Wizeman has finally reached his goal, and has managed to jump the gap from the Night Dimension into Reality. However, he was unable to bring his whole self fully across the void, and only has one hand in Reality while the rest of him is strung across the Dark Ocean, which creates the bridge between Reality and the Night Dimension…

Reala and the rest of Wizeman’s Maren know how to cross the gap now, and need far less energy to cross than Wizeman- that is, if they’re going alone. However, some of the Maren have learned that they can merge with Dreamers and enter Reality with a Dreamer, but only with that Dreamer’s consent. Like that should be hard to get…

Some dream of power, others dream of fame, and yet others of fortune. However, not all will force those dreams into Reality. But what if a creatures of the night could grant that power? Those who jump without looking loan their bodies to Wizeman’s Maren, in exchange for amazing abilities like flight, invisibility, and shape-shifting. Is it worth it? Depends on the dreamer you ask…

There is a creature that knows how to cross the gap between Reality and the Night Dimension: Tempora, the clock tower guardian. She knows Maren are making their way into Reality and that Wizeman is slowly gaining a greater foothold where he doesn’t belong. If NiGHTS was able to beat him before… But there’s no way a lone Maren can stand up to Wizeman’s growing army. What if his Maren-Dreamer combo was mimicked?

Even those who are strong and confident dream of fantastic things. So when asked to aid in the defense of mankind from an awing and horrific enemy, who are they to say no? But they can’t do it alone: They’re only human, after all. They will find their help in their Maren partners as well as in each other. Maybe then they’ll have a chance against Wizeman…

The war isn’t quite here yet. Wizeman and his forces are nowhere near stupid enough when the odds are stacked against them. And Tempora and her help aren’t yet strong enough to take much of anyone out. So both sides wait for the other to break the stalemate. But which will be the first to make a move- and how much will they regret it?

*Only one NiGHTS, Reala, and other such characters, no exceptions. First come, first serve. Read the posts/check the list and don’t come asking me.
*I already have control of the two major players Tempora and Wizeman. So don’t even bother, since I need them to keep the story going.
*OCs/Fan Maren are fine (and encouraged), as long as the Humans have reasonable limitations (not everyone is a Perfect Dreamer, you know), and try to restrain from having all the Maren on par with NiGHTS and Reala.
*Wizeman’s Maren don’t have to be paired with a Dreamer, but it’s preferred that they do for the fact that it’s rather hard to jump the gap. As for Tempora’s Maren, they don’t have to be with a Dreamer either, but they usually stick with a Dreamer for the Dreamer’s safety.
*You can have up to two character max throughout the entire thing (so pick carefully!), but they can’t be the same type/alignment (like two Tempora Maren isn’t okay, but pretty much everything else is.)
*If you have a Maren team up with another person, get their permission first. If I get complaints about such things, I’ll try and get the whole story first, sure, but that’s stepping into Godmoding, which is against the rules.
*Don’t be a cowardly flip flopper and decide mid-RP that you don’t like the side you’re on. I, as Wizeman and Tempora, will look upon such activities with suspicion (if you betray one side, how can I be sure you won’t betray the other?) If it’s truly a problem for you to be on one side, plead your case to me and we’ll try and work something out.
*If the RP is early on, don’t ask about what’s going on- read for yourself. When it get to a reasonable length, I’ll set up a summary here.
*I reserve rights as the creator of this RP to say if someone takes something too far/derails the RP too badly. Creativity is awesome and all, but seriously, keep it within the bounds that there are. Please don’t fight with me- I’d rather not have this be a horrid experience.
*If I think of anything else, I’ll be sure to let you know.

Character Sheet Skeletons (Just to help out- if you want to add, feel free to.):


Special Abilities/Weapons-

Sheets for Tempora and Wizeman:

Name- Tempora
Appearance- (pic coming soon enough)
Special Abilities-
*Clairvoyant to a degree.
*Move objects between Reality and Dreams. (very draining)
*Knowledge of history of both worlds.
*Can make weapons/shields out of a Dreamer’s Ideya (only the Dreamer whose Ideya it is can use them.) (moderately draining)
*Can see small distances into the future.
*Good jumper.
*Always knows the time.
*Mesmerize (can make a Maren/Dreamer go trancy, but only when she focuses. This is helpful for sending Dreamers quickly to the Night Dimension or incapacitating a Maren for a while.)
*Scythe Teleport- Slashes an opponent and sends them to the Night Dimension. For Dreamers, this only knocks them out for a few hours (up to 12).
*Freeze time for an extremely short period (no longer than half an hour if she’s full of energy) for anyone but herself and up to nine others. (extremely draining)
Personality- Mostly calm and collected, she only changes if she feels the clock tower is in trouble (at which point she either freezes in panic or goes into a blind rage, depending on the time of day.) Tempora is also usually extremely passive and very distant, but has a sharp, calculating mind with which to collect and command. She doesn’t care much for Maren, but is willing to take the help they provide. She has a good memory, lasting patience for those in her domain.
Bio- A god-like creature that protects the boundary between Reality and Dreams. She doesn’t keep company well, and cares about little more about her task of keeping the boundary in tact. She was once on friendly terms with Wizeman; until he started stealing Ideya, at which point she stopped visiting Nightmare. She will really only step into Nightopia anymore, and will injure any Maren that come her way.

Name- Wizeman
Appearance- (obviously I didn't draw that) Posted Image
Special Abilites-
*Uses his hands as spies.
*Create Maren (only the parts of him that aren’t in Reality.)
*Siphon/Reveal Ideya of all Dreamers. All Maren also have this ability.
*Can strengthen himself or his Maren with Ideya.
*Warp dreams (only in Night Dimension).
*Natural Disasters (when more of his hands manage to make their way into reality- the more hands, the more powerful the disaster.)
*Teleportation of himself and others. (small scale, only within the realm where three or more of his hands are)
*Transform Dreamer into a Maren (short time only, the effect wears off after a while. It does grant the Dreamer the abilities Wizeman gives the form.)
*Duplicate himself, he can make up to five copies. (only with all of his hands, if we ever get to that point)
Personality- He doesn’t take anything from anyone, and will sweep resisters out of his way. He has mass amounts of patience when things go his way, but he looses his better judgment (and temper) when his plans take a turn for the worse, usually taking out his frustration on his forces.
Bio- Ruler of Nightmare, he wasn’t always hellbent on breaking into Reality. Instead, his job was to scare people into doing the right thing, until he got into the philosophical ‘right’ vs. ‘wrong’ argument, and was then determined to discover them for himself via the hearts of Dreamers. Thus, Wizeman as we know him.

As it is:
Tempora's Soldiers:
(TORiAS_the_Fallen)Torias- Maren

Wizeman's Soldiers:
(TORiAS_the_Fallen) Reala- Maren

Lady Spritzy's works

01 March 2009 - 01:49 AM

Well, first of all, I think I'll start this one up with this small written work. This is the first chapter of a book called The Guardian, something I'm working on when I don't have too much homework. I've already run it by several of my friends, and it's still a WIP. I'd love critisism and such.
The Guardian protects all

But is defenseless

The Guardian watches all

But is invisible

The Guardian says all

But is ignored

The Guardian knows all

But is nameless

The Guardian loves all

But is abandoned

The Guardian nurtures all

But is neglected

The Guardian seeks all

But is lost

The Guardian humors all

But is forlorn

The Guardian aids all

But is helpless

The Guardian feels all

But is unnoticed

The Guardian is alongside all

But is alone

Prologue: Niche

Claire walked slowly through the deserted halls, her quiet footsteps unheard over the clicking of her companion’s claws on the once-polished stone floors. Meliasa walked on her mistress’ right, her fox-shaped head even with Claire’s hip. Merdoth, on Claire’s left, towered a good three feet or so above the girl.

“Hey, Mel, can you go check the wind conditions? I’d like to go for a fly today.” Meliasa nodded her head and shot away from Claire and Merdoth, her membranous wings flapping just a little. Claire and Merdoth continued their leisurely pace, letting the air grow fresher and fresher around them.

They came to a large, open entryway that was only reachable through flight, being the sheer drop that it was. Claire looked up against the midmorning sunlight to see the winged form that was Meliasa, soaring higher and higher. The Vacca sent back a mind-picture of a high-flown bird easily gliding along, signaling all-clear. Merdoth lowered himself, allowing Claire to easily climb aboard.

Once Claire was seated atop his back, her hands entwined deep in his thick, dun-colored mane, Merdoth leapt from the entryway, diving a little and pulling up suddenly. His large, feathered wings kept them both easily aloft, and they glided along like liquid. He flipped sideways in midair, rotating on the same axis as the long horn that sat perched atop his snout.

Merdoth came out of his playful spin and rose, Claire still clinging to his back. Air rushed past the duo as they rose to meet Meliasa where she hovered, waiting. Merdoth surged past her, though, despite his bulk and passenger. The smaller Vacca turned and soared after him, her long, catfish whiskers fluttering like twin banners behind her.

Merdoth went to do a loop over Meliasa, but the larger Vacca didn’t account for his passenger. Claire’s finger’s slipped from his fur, and she fell, her green scarf fluttering in the air. She landed neatly on Meliasa’s back, and the smaller Vacca only dipped a little in midair. She then surged upward, catching up with Merdoth easily. She threw a picture into his mind, one of a bird easily outflying another, and passed him quickly, taking her passenger higher and higher.

Claire always enjoyed her flights with these two. Granted, she couldn’t make herself airborne as such, but she loved their playful antics nonetheless. She felt complete safety while aboard their backs, even when they did accidentally drop her, and she absolutely loved the sense of freedom that came with the aerial maneuvers.

Merdoth flashed a picture into Claire’s mind, one of a bat in its fluttering flight. On the horizon, a winged dot was making its way towards them, approaching at a slow pace.

“Let’s head out to meet them,” Claire said after a moment of thought. Meliasa soared towards the unknown flying creature, Merdoth keeping steady with her.

“Guardian Claire, is that you?” a voice hailed. The trio recognized it instantly, and Meliasa sped up to greet their friend.

“Yeah, Lonar. It’s me,” Claire shouted back, holding tight to her speeding mount.

“I need to speak with you on some dire issues,” Lonar called back, speeding up as well.

“Then let’s discuss them back at home, shall we? I’d rather not shout my business across the mountain range.”

“Agreed. You go on ahead; I will catch up.”

At this last, Meliasa took a wide, sweeping bank back towards the once-beautiful palace that they called their home. Merdoth mimicked the maneuver but with a tighter arc and dove below Meliasa so that Claire could hop onto his back.

The larger Merdoth made it back first, and because his wingspan was just a little too wide for the opening, he tucked them in with just enough time to land running. Meliasa, being smaller, landed easily and braced herself with her long, flexible tail, the serrated spur at the tip pointed up so as to not catch.

Lonar flew in a few minutes later, regally tucking in her large, leathery wings once she had landed. She turned her doggish head towards Claire and said, “Well, shall we go find a place to sit and discuss? I have something rather important to speak with you about.”

“Of course, Lonar. Why did you come all the way here, anyway?’ Claire asked, walking down one of the corridors. Lonar’s claws clacked on the floor as she trotted alongside her friend, her whip-like tail flicking back and forth.

“To talk.”

“About what?” Claire kept walking, hoping to get some kind of response from the Una queen. Claire had known Lonar long enough to know that when the wolf-like creature fluttered her black-tipped ears and flicked her tail as such that she was upset.

“May we sit first?” Lonar snapped, glaring up at the girl. Claire recoiled at the biting response.

“Y-yeah, we can sit.” They walked in silence until they came to the place where Claire usually slept, which was full of soft skins and such. Claire settled down on one of the beds. Meliasa and Merdoth settled down on either side of the girl in a protective stance, while Lonar sat simply on the floor across from the girl.

“I will get straight to the point, Claire. Your planet is going to be destroyed.”

Claire just stared at Lonar. The Council, to translate the word, didn’t just go around destroying planets for no good reason.

Claire licked her lips and asked with a small, croaking voice, “Why? What have I done wrong?”

Lonar tilted her head a little so that her right eye could better take in the girl.

“It is the fact that you have done nothing that your planet is in the peril it is in.”

“And what about me?”

“You will be going with it, unfortunately.”

Claire just stared at Lonar, horror written all over her features.


“There is a way to fix this, Claire,” Lonar said, standing and walking to Claire so that they were nose-to-snout. “If you can find good reason to keep this planet from annihilation, then the Council will spare it.”

“How do I do that?” Claire asked dumbly.

“You go out and actually interact with your planet, Claire. Like I do with my own. You just stay in these ancient halls and do nothing, which hurts your relationship with your planet, and hurts the chances it has to survive. You will not be able to say anything about your planet from experience because you have none. You,” Lonar sighed in frustration, then said weakly, “You have twelve of your years. Use them wisely.”

“Wait, Lonar!” Claire cried, shooting up before the Una even had a chance to turn.

“What, Claire? I have known you for a long enough time to know you will not do a thing. I asked to have you come to my own planet, but the Council refused,” she looked up at her desperate friend, “There is nothing I can do.”

“Nothing at all?” The girl couldn’t hide the terrified twinge in her voice. Lonar thought for a second.

“I will return in one of your ‘Months’ with an answer to that question, Claire. Until then, take care of yourself.” The Una left calmly, with her tail and ears still betraying her true thoughts.

Dreams affected by Reality

29 January 2009 - 01:22 AM

I thought of this today while flipping through my dream journal today. I thought "Hey, there's a lot of recuring themes, and some of them have to do with things I've done/come into contact with recently. (Heck, I'm still having dreams concerning the Werehog, and I haven't played it in a couple of weeks) Why don't I record what happens durning the day, and see what my dreams are like at night?"
So, I'm going to post the results here. (Please, admins, if you don't want me doing the following, tell me now) But if there's anything that's adult, I'm putting it under spoiler tags so kids don't get their little eyes burned out. My experiment will start on the first of February, and will end on the first of March.
Any comments or suggestions before I embark on this probably epic failure of an eperiment.


14 January 2009 - 07:44 PM

I, personally, remember in images, like a movie. These are events that either have changed you, or that you can remember in extreme detail. This also goes for dreams, too. Here's a few of mine:
- My first memory is of my pre-school classroom. I was using long, wooden blocks like they were skis. It didn't quite work so well... (Also, the teacher's name was Ms. Scrub, lol)
- When I was four or five, I broke my arm. I remember tripping (since I tripped over my shoelace while on a stepladder and broke my right arm), crying out, dad picking me up, and being handed to my siblings in the van. Also, I remember the saw they were going to use to take the cast, but I don't remember the cast being taken off.
- For several years in a row (not anymore) I use to have a dream on Halloween night where the world was doomed because of an earthquake, but anyone who made it into my van would be safe. (There were several variations of this dream, one including a pool, but basically that.)
- I remember (don't be mad) stealing a couple of markers from someone who ended up becoming a friend of mine later (we've since lost contact.)
- Being dragged out of seventh hour Communications class thirteen days before the end of seventh grade, only to be told by the principal that people thought I was going to pull a Columbine (If you don't know what that is, look it up.) I ended up staying at the school until after 5 PM that day, and after much crying (on my behalf) I left with a 10-day suspension from school. After a few days, I was told that I couldn't come back for the last three days of school, which meant I didn't get my closure that year. I remember taking my math final in my front yard on a blue folding table. (That event really made me bitter.)
- (Last one for now) Not that long ago (in early September) I had a horrendous panic attack. I have of yet been able to sleep in my room again.

Day or Night...

01 January 2009 - 12:54 AM

So, I was wandering through the forum and noticed there wasn't a topic on this, and I'm genuinely curious: Which do you perfer in Sonic Unleashed, the day missions, or the night missions.
Personally, I like the night missions, because they lack time limits (I've never been a huge fan of time attack), the enemy-bashing fun, and how there's just less crap in the night missions. But that's just me- what do you think?