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SONIC Colors - Review Video

19 November 2010 - 08:13 AM

just thought I'd share a Video Review of the latest game in the Sonic series. Sonic Colors.
check it out if you want.


Sega's turn of events of a new age

17 August 2010 - 06:27 PM

I've been out of this site for a long while having been busy with work and other things, but I'm back, and just wanting to get my thoughts out in the open about what as far as I know has been going on in the Segaverse.

it was about after E3 where you can start calling that Sega's got something going on. or has it appear to look that way, I have not seen, Sonic get so much hype in Years. naturally Sonic 4 which is hyped probably could be the come back that Sonic and Sega needs, its almost fan made, the same with Sonic colors being that one of the ppl that worked with Sega said that Sonic colors was like Unleashed with its day time levels but without the wolf which nobody liked anyway, so Sega is now listening to the fans almost to its where we're now calling the shots, but not. everyone wanted Sonic to go back to its 2d roots, and he has. everyone complained Sonic Unleashed would have been the sh!t if those stupid wolf levels were exiled, and we can pretty much say that with Colors, that's now happened, or happening. at this point, everyone's hopes are now pretty high.

for the passed few years when it comes to Sonic, there would always be a key thing wrong with it somewhere, and Sega would do a shitty quick fix and pull a new game right out of their a$$, for example. the dark brotherhood. i only heard about that game in an article hardly a month before the game was released. now thats pullin one out, MGS4 took 4 to 5 years before we finally got it. and by shitty quick fixes, they would try to put elements in the Sonic Universe that was SO unnecessary and god awful, like the RPG part or having a sword. im sorry, but that a Sonic game does not make. as the AVGN would say " a quick buck for a sh** load of f***. this is just the rant part, because for me its long overdue.

not getting to excited for things, we just gotta wait and see how it plays out. OH and what i found hilarious, is the fans, now i love Sonic and Sega cuz i was there in their prime and before, but the fans that watch these new trailers and instantly start blabbing the " Sonic's back betches and Mario's gonna now fail big* its at fan talk like that, that i find hilarious. i mean honestly how can they insist on keeping the war between Sonic and Mario up? that war was one by Mario Many years ago after Sega lost the console market to Sony, im sorry but until Sonic makes a triumphant return with an actual good set of games, He's not even on Mario's level. at this point, even Mario wants Sonic to have a good game. but ok im done ranting. back to the stuff at hand.

porting NiGHTS on ps2... i don't know to much if Sega is gonna go through with that. its possible. and if they are really showing interest. a PS2 port for PSN store and XBL would probably be the better route. but at the same time, a ps2 game roughly is 4 gig's big, so that's a lot of data, especially for the xbox users cuz not everyone has those 120 gig hardrives, like myself. but I've had the ps2 import for a long time now so its of very little concern to me, but honestly, i find it shocking that the Game hasn't already been ported, because im not kidding, there is HARDLY any Japanese to the game, only the save data screen and the 2 screens of dialogue for Xmas NiGHTS, but that is it. Everything else is English, singing, text, option mode, hell they could release it as it is and there would still be no problem. in a way, it would almost seem like the game was originally English but patched for a quick Japanese translation that only covered the save system and some quick dialogue sequence. at least Sega's not doing as bad as Namco is, but probably due to poor reception for Journey of dreams, which is understandable, because aside from the NiGHTS Cult Followers, the game has been long forgotten so anyone body new like kids or non gaming adults would look at this game like another family fun wii title which was the biggest highlight of the wii when it was released. JoD probably would have did a lot better if they waited a little longer, cleaned up some of the easy eyesore polygons and released it for xbox360 and ps3, but thats just me. but heh, that's enough from me,

i probably should have made a Vlog out of this, cant really expect anyone to read it. but i got most of it out. feel free to agree or disagree.


18 December 2009 - 07:08 AM

Posted Image

im sure by now atleast Some of you are aware of what The Brotherhood of Gaming is. with the short time
we have been around progress has been very successful thanks to the viewers and supporters. and its time we gave a little back.

After a Very Productive and tiring weekend of video shoots, the Winter NiGHTS Into Dreams Christmas Special IS NOW HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Once again we all thank you for the support as well as the support everyone off the forums give.

Morris1113 NiGHTS FAN ART

27 November 2009 - 04:55 AM

this one was made to celebrate the 20,000 pageviews on my DA. a shame i didnt get that sooner
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22 November 2009 - 09:34 AM

Ok, just to cap on the topic for people who arent aware. A World Premier Brand New Movie launched this morning on 4Kids TV. and the movie is (TURTLES FOREVER) the plot in short. is that the Animated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles of Today MEET and TEAM up with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles of THE CLASSIC 80's Cartoon show. This movie is a TRUE NINJA TURTLES ULTIMATE GEEK's ORGASMIC FAN DREAM COME TRUE. I LOVE IT.

what are your thoughts?