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For all non-NiGHTS related projects. Games, fanfic, drawings, paintings, etc.
Please take the short time required to read and fully understand these guidelines before adding your 2cents into this forum. Failing to do so may result in post deletion, having your warning rate upped or banning in worst cases. These offtopic areas exist for your enjoyment, so do not spoil other peoples fun.

1. No creating topics for the mere sake of getting a rise from people. Stupid topics will be deleted on sight. Examples of this would be artist bashing, stealing or immitating other peoples work or going trigger happy with critique when a user has not asked for it. Creating fake art topics will result in user bans without warning.

2. Your personal opinion is not gold, nor is it always correct. Keep that in mind when posting because everyone has a right to state their views without being told they are an idiot. Every one of you is an equal. So treat other users as such. You may disagree with someone's tastes or beliefs but that does not give you the power to bash them for it to make yourself look big. Bullying users will not be tollerated.

3. No over-personalised topics. This means keep ON TOPIC, minimum chatter and strictly to the point without giving us your life story. This is a forum about art, not what you had in your lunch box in 3rd grade, or how mean your parents are. Over-Personal type topics will be erased without given warning. Consider this your warning. You may give an art piece a short description, but don't go overboard.

4. Anyone causing a giant scene for any reason will have their warning upped.

5. No dramma rammas plz.

6. Look for similar topics before posting a new one. If you are certain that your topic hasn't yet been adressed, then feel free to create a new one.

7. Don't hijack a topic with a completely different topic. Start a new one.

8. No sassing at the Moderators. If something has been removed it is because the above rules have been disregarded.

9. Above all the serious stuff, have fun.

10. When possible please direct link using a photobucket account to display your pictures ON the page instead of just providing links. Less people click on links when they cant see what theyre opening a new window for. DO NOT however direct link to places like Deviant Art that do not allow it.

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