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What happens when you get all 5 Ideya in NiGHTS pinball in Sonic Adventure?

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I don't have the pinball skill/patience to check it out, but it seems like every time you go through the door at the top of the board, and fly with NiGHTS by touching the Ideya capture in the board that the blue door takes you to, and then you go back to the other board by falling, another Ideya will appear in the Ideya palace below NiGHTS in the tiny Spring Valley replica room. I'm assuming it either takes you to a boss battle similar to those on the NiGHTS board in Sonic Pinball Party, or it just gives you a crapload of rings.



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I can't recall doing it, but according to this you get 300 rings- http://www.gamefaqs....s-ideya-purpose

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It's been a while since this one played Sonic Adventure, but I believe that viperxmns is correct: collecting all of the Ideya will get you a lot of rings and the chance to do it over.

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