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Nilus the Sandman (old tv show)

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I don't know if anyone ever posted about this - searched but the search didn't turn up any results, so here it goes:

Does anyone know/remember this very NiGHTS like old children's tv show? It's called Nilus the Sandman and.. Nilus is basically NiGHTS ^_^ visiting children in their dreamworlds, protecting them and teaching them slightly over moralized lessons. The opening and closing always was live action and when they entered the dreamworld it came an animated world. Nilus was always animated from the start and the opening song is so beautiful!* I recently remembered the name as I watched three episodes of what appears to be the first season when I was a kid. I videotaped it (probably) and watched it to bits. I was convinced that there were no other episodes back then and always felt lucky when one of them got broadcast. Now, I don't know how or why, I suddenly remembered the series and most importantly the name. So I tried to find anything about it online and it appears there have been 2 seasons (of which the second season doesn't look that good and Nilus has a wacky camel as a transport pet... ugh) - and damn... what I wouldn't give to watch it. I'm thinking about signing up on this tv-site where you supposedly can watch the series (amongst others) - it's a paid site but you can try it out for a week for free, so I might opt doing that. But if anyone has videotapes or online links, I'd very much like to see those instead (I don't like those 'watch online for free' sites, they tend to be very shady.)

Posted Image

Only one complete episode I found on youtube - the Christmas special. The quality of image and sound isn't great... but still. I must admit I ripped the croaky soundfile of the entire episode (commercials included) and have had it on repeat since yesterday XD the songs and Nilus' voice is totally worth it, even through all the static. You can watch the episode here:

Youtube files:
Nilus the Sandman: the Boy who dreamed Christmas, part 1
Nilus the Sandman: the Boy who dreamed Christmas, part 2
Nilus the Sandman: the Boy who dreamed Christmas, part 3 (these are only the end commercials actually, only watch for nostalgic reasons, the real episode ended just at the end of part 2)

If you want to get to the songs directly:
Opening song sung by Nilus the Sandman (soooo stuck on repeat in my head)
Actually, I found a better quality recording of the wonderful opening song here!
Evil toy master's song
Santa's song (aww, so beautiful and sad, this is also stuck on repeat in my head)
Happy ending song

*Opening song:
(Nilus is voiced brilliantly by Long John Baldry)

"Hush now child, I'm a friend of yours,
There is no reason to fear!
just touch my hand and you'll understand
you'll know the sandman's here
I'll guide you through this wonderous night
Protect you from nightmares you fear
and if some sights should cause you fright
you can be sure the sandman's near."

There he introduces himself to the child and then they set off deeper into the dream:

"I you look inside your heart you will find
a world you can feel sure about
all the mysteries of your dreams come clear
when you look inside your heart"

(Incidently, this really comes close to how I envisioned the lyrics to the soundtrack of my Beyond the Window movie, XD maybe it got stuck in my childhood memories or something...)

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