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So, I never did introduce my awesome self and for that I apologize. (Though, to be fair I was very busy...)

Now then, where do I begin?

Well, you may simply call me WEiRDO. It is my username after all...however I may refer to myself with many other names because I'm addicted to making references to anime sometimes. So, if you hear me saying something like, "WHY DOESN'T ANYONE NOTICE CANADA?" Blame Hetalia. (Speaking of which, I'm actually acting like one of the characters right now, I will stop.)

Well anyway, I have an obssesion with drawing which I hope to put to good use one day and I love anime and manga. Stuff like Inuyasha, Naruto, Full metal alchemist, Vampire Knight, Soul Eater, Death Note, Detective Conan, Rosario + Vampire, Astro Boy, Yu-gi-oh, and the list goes on and on.

I'm also a gamer (though acording to some of my friends the games I play don't count because they don't involve zombies and killing things with guns...hmph!). I like Mario, Sonic, NiGHTS (of course), Sims, Klonoa, Soul Caliber, Little Big Planet, Kid Icarus, Legend of Zelda (Which should be called legend of link) and the list just keeps going.

Oh and I like reading and writting, too. (Though I rarely have enough patience to do it)

Okay, now before unicorns chase me, I shall tell you why I love NiGHTS!

Story-mode on!

My first meeting with NiGHTS was a typical one. I had a Wii, I saw a pretty commercial on TV and I thought it was interesting. One day me and my mom went to video avenue to rent some movies and possibly games. I stepped inside and went straight to the gaming shelf while my mom went to less interesting shelves. Geez! She was so boring! As usual, I looked through the games shelf looking for anything interesting, they all looked okay but still nothing interesting. No one knew the meaning of fun around there! Sighing, I was about to see if there was anything more interesting in the animation section. Maybe I could watch Spirited Away or Naruto, instead. I turned to leave, but stopped abruptly as I spotted something on the shelf.

I stared at it, "Hadn't I seen this somewhere before?"

It looked innocent enough but something about that purple jester was warm and inviting. It was as if it were smiling at me, like it was ready to pull me from the spot I was standing and take me on an adventure. Like it could, whisk me away from the harsh reality that crept over every child. Its like it would lead me to my own world where I had to worry about nothing. No homework, no bullies, no enemies pretending to be friends, no one questioning they way I talked, none of that, Its just a place for me to have fun and just escape. I reached for it as my mom walked towards the counter and called me. I walked up to her with a skip in my step. Mom was smiling at me curiously "Did you decide on something?"

I smiled as I held out the game case. "Yep!"

story mode off!

....So, that's how I met NiGHTS!

I find that the best way to explain why I love NiGHTS is to think about how we met. Don't you?

Anyways, its good to meet all you awesome people and I hope you'll accept this weird addition to the forums...(normal doesn't exist anyway so how could you not accept weird. It makes no sense.)

...So yeah...that's about right.




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Welcome to the forum. I've not been here very long myself and it is quite quiet at the moment but should pick up now Nights has been re-released on Xbla.

I first came into contact with Nights playing it on my friend's Saturn many years ago, then got my own Saturn and never looked back. One of the greatest and most original games ever made imo.

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