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Reintroduction of the Elusive Wild LD!

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Good word, it has been, sorrowfully, an extremely long time since I've poked my head up around here. So long, in fact, that I don't see any of my old threads or posts!

So much fresh meat for the collective that I have no idea what to do with myself! (>*v*>)

A midgit harkens back from days of ancient yore before Trippies and Digis met, worked with the great SEGA, and started the Great Revolution moved the fandoms to sign petitions for new live for NiGHTS. Indeed, she is an old, old creature that remembers the middling days of Engelbaum, when it was known as WtaHM and was a much different manifest. XD

However, in modern times, she is still a grumpy, tiny thing that now swings knives and throws sushi at people for a living at a popular restaurant in Dallas, TX.

Random points of interest:
- Despite being a large fan of NiGHTS, I have rarely played the game
- Person first identified with the fanon Yellow Gen Canary Audacity (from the days of WtaHM)
- Remembers the second Great Closing of the board
- Has never met Trippy in person (SCOTTBEAN, I NEED TO ONE DAY REMEDY THIS! *makes grabby hands for* (<T^T<) )
- Has only been to Japan once, but has the dream to move there and live for five years... one day
- Posses an Associates degree in Applied Sciences from Le Cordon Bleu (USA - Dallas campus)
- Works as a line cook at a sushi bar in a popular Dallas restaurant (I cook things and occasionally get to roll sushi XD )

'Tis a pleasure to meet everyone, and maybe some new friends will be met in this new age.

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