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Confusing dream

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Last night I had an odd dream.
Just over a week ago my poodle Ebony was put to sleep and I have been devastated ever since. In this dream the vets told us that they could temperately revive Ebony and they managed to successfully in my College's library. But she was very different now as she could speak, follow me around college, use a mobile phone and even turn into a human with big brown eyes and long flowing black hair.
Even though I was very happy to have her back I asked my mum how long this would last and she said that Ebony would have until Thursday in a fortnight's time until she dies again and I felt awful because the time we would have together would be short and I couldn't watch her die again.
I worked out that that Thursday is 18th October, but there's nothing significant about that date to do with Ebony. This wasn't meant to be a 'goodbye' dream as I did manage to say goodbye to Ebony before she died (and I've had several of those already). I'm very confused about this dream and it bothers me. Can anyone decipher it?



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First, let me offer my condolences for the loss of your dog.

It sounds to me like the dream is just a manifestation of your feeling of missing Ebony. A wish to be with her again paired with the knowledge that it can't really happen.

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