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Creepy Nightmare Segment

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Okay, I had this one fairly odd dream a couple of nights ago. However, I only remember this one very creepy segment/scene before I woke up:
(Warning! Somewhat very detailed description as to what happened ahead! This isn't for the squeamish...)

I remember being at this party where a lot of people (especially other gamers) were at. More specifically, I was near a back corner close to a bar and which acted as a mini-game room of sorts. I saw this one TV with a Xbox 360 hooked up to it, so I went to check it out. The game I saw was one that seemed to have involved some dungeons and a set of tasks and quests...
That drastically changed when the person that was playing entered this one room in the "dungeon", coming face-to-face with a ghostly creature that seemingly looked like a three-way cross between Slenderman, Jack Skellington, and Stumpy (erm, that one monster that appears at certain Ripley's attractions) with a draconac skull and blazing red eyes. The creature spoke in a dark tone of voice, addressing the player and telling them of a rather unfortunate thing. The player had failed to acquire the items that were needed for some sort of summoning thing. After that, the screen faded to black; in blood-red letters, the words "Game Over" ominously faded in. In the background, one could hear the controller drop to the ground where the player once stood. As the "scoreboard" page appeared onscreen, I noticed a few concerning things: the leaderboards all had the names of the past players as "UNNAMED" or "UNKNOWN" and gravestone images appeared to the left of each individuals' names.
I turned my attantion to where the previous player stood, only to find that they disappeared without a trace. As a feeling of caution took over me, a young boy with blond-ish hair picked up the controller and offered me a chance to play the game. I quickly, although politely, declined and went over to the bed that was in the corner to grab my DS and headphones. As I turned to leave through the bar area, various sets of cage bars suddenly appeared, separating those in the game corner from the rest of the people (including me).
I felt something in my left hand and looked to see what it was. Instead of the DS, there was a large tablet that had one of its sides bent at an odd angle. However, that didn't really concern me, as I was looking for a way out. I managed to jump over the one boy and squeezed through a large gap in the bars. Afterward, I made a mad dash towards the door. I managed to spot four people that I was somewhat familiar with (at least internet-wise), two of which are familiar to here and a couple of artists, as I was going through the few-seconds rush to the door. Anywho, as I was about to exit the area and wake up, I felt someone's fingers barely graze me. I couldn't stop to look for fear of what might happen afterward.

Erm, does anyone else have creepy fragments like this? I'm also kind of curious (and frightened) about what it might mean.
Also, I apologize if there's any typos in this post. I was up most of the night last night and I'm currently using my Kindle Fire to access various sites.

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