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Where you all been at lately?

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TORiAS, wow. Welcome back. I've only been lurking again since I got the job I currently have. For a long time I wasn't going anywhere in life, with a minimum wage retail job. BUT I finally got my A+ Cert, then a job at +3 monies from minimum wage. I then got another job, this time with a SECRET security clearance working for the DoD at again +3 monies. Now I'm working for Dept. of State at yet again +3 monies. I work overnight sun-thurs, and I was drawn back to this fandom by a rather critical examination of myself and the Brony fandom. It took a while but I eventually realized that there is hardly any difference in the two sparkly bright fandoms, at least in the practice of them. I came back to this site to see if I could find the maren that as I recall TORiAS drew for me so long ago. Oh well, I can certainly say that if I have a fanmaren it's much different. Here's inviting everyone to participate in my Ideya poll(voting and commenting, as there are other questions). I also play WoW pretty religiously now, so if anyone here plays hit me up, eh?

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Oh man. Life is so cluttered, isn't it? This place was my life, but now I have so much on my plate - films to be made, theatre to be preformed, concerts to be sung, college applications to be filled out (yuck!). I've also seen a shift in my interests - for a while I spent more time on Disney sites, now I spend more time on Horror movie forums. Here is my home, though. Christmas lets out sort through all the madness to get to that cozy nostalgic feeling, and my Christmas nostalgia is hugely influenced by NiGHTS. At the same time, my psychology class is getting into dream study and I found out that my English teacher absolutely loves Jung and took a number of classes on his work. It moments like those where I realize how much NiGHTS has become a part of my personality, even if it isn't explicit. So, here I am. Let's have some fun, eh? I'll try not to wander off.




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    and i'll work up on the rest later....
Well I've been doing a lot of sitting and eating, and just nothin...


Actually, in all honesty, I have been having a lot of personal issues (mental and real life issues. some of which I don't want to say.)
that have been... troublesome to overcome.

The biggest of all is that we have lost our house and had to move, not once, but TWICE in my long silence... yep.
An everlasting financial struggle.

But, Things are a better now. not great, but better. I'm feeling better. My views have changed, and I feel as if I have changed as well.

Still doing what i been doin. just slowly. (practicing mimicry, voice acting/vocal range, sculpting, drawing, cooking, etc.)

That doesn't mean NiGHTS is less important to me now. Quite the contrary. It's just hard to focus on so many things at once. Feels like I'm being stretched to my limit. So it's a little hard to take the time for things like that. Well, that and I don't want to just make a pointless post somewhere for no reason. I end up feeling like I'm trying to get attention, and I don't want to feel like that...
Then again... Maybe that's what all posts are, no escaping it. *chuckle*

Gotta work, gotta help my family, gotta take care of myself, etc... quite tiresome...
I'm hoping I can make the time to be a little more active on here though. maybe.
later. :)




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Whoa, hey, I'm not the only voice actor around here? That's pretty awesome.

I've been working on a video series where we voice act the entirety of a web comic called Homestuck. Specifically, I voice a rather ornery character known as Karkat Vantas, a 13-year-old alien boy who types in all caps and uses some fairly colorful and complex insults and general language.

First episode's here, but Karkat (carcinoGeneticist) doesn't show up until near the end of Act 3. Check it out if you want; the first act's episode are kinda rough, but the quality seriously picks up as it goes on. Go check it out! Also, if you wanna catch up with me personally, I'm mostly active over on my tumblr paulsgroovypalace.tumblr.com

So, that's where I've been. Voice acting and Homestuck. It's been fun!

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