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By Viperxmns
Posted Image

Posted Image
By Ketrin


By MidniteAndBeyond

Runners Up:

ASR Bad Future!
by Zander Rosell
Posted Image

"In a dream I could see us closer than ever before."
By TerryM
Posted Image

By Light-Girl:

Final Home
By SaiferDracondrali:

In a dream I could see a fantastic place,
Where reality itself did bend.
It's a land encircled by the mind's embrace.
It's landscapes have no end.

I rest a lass not shy a tenner.
I've always wished to roam.
I hope one day to feel better,
And explore outside my home.

In dreams I walked, I ran, I flew
Whatever I willed was done.
But a fateful night I simply knew
This wasn't your average one.

The sky blocked out by leaves of myrtle
Blackened by shadows they cast.
The ground however stayed very fertile.
A light spewed forth from it's gaps.

The shimmering trees cried chromatic thread.
They blew in a breeze like silk.
Blown away to rest elsewhere instead,
And join with the rest of their ilk.

The fields of flowers, both above and below,
Hummed a tune so gentle.
Many radiant colors each did glow.
Their beauty quite ornamental.

The fungus, the ferns, even floating spores
Cast an eerie shine.
Bringing light to the trees, and forest floors
In this world untouched by time.

As I explored the wood I found a being,
But man was not it's kin.
Bars of gold kept it from fleeing
The bind this creature was in.

A jester of sorts like you see in a court
From head to toe in violet,
Sleeves of white, and a hat of some sort.
A gem on it's chest of scarlet.

I felt the pain of this person's condition.
It wasn't unlike my own.
It was then I made it a personal mission,
It's freedom shall be known.

As I journeyed near, the wind had slowed,
The leaves began to fall,
The tree bark rot, the ground erode,
And I could feel it all.

My legs gave in, my breath went cold,
My heartbeat went awry,
The world went black, my defect grabbed hold,
I felt myself start to cry.

I could not move. I attempted to shout,
But no one would come to my aid.
I ceased my struggle, my hope was in doubt,
As my world began to fade.

Just then, a glimmer, so faint, but so certain.
A glow of brilliant red.
I reached beyond my pitch black curtain
To battle my mortal dread.

The world was back, all shriveled and dead,
But none of it mattered to me.
I would not die for nothing. Instead,
I would set this creature free!

I pulled at the ground, now littered with thorns,
As I inched closer still to the cage.
I battled my illness and this nightmare's scorns.
My cuts only fueled my rage.

My cloths in tatters, my skin far worse,
A path of crimson behind.
The hellish plain I did traverse
Did nothing to change my mind.

The creatures eyes plead me to stop.
It's wishes I denied.
I ripped apart this evil crop.
I'll leave this world with pride.

The lock was closed. I had no key,
But I couldn't give up now.
I stretched out my arm with a final plea.
Failure, I would not allow.

In the instant, my finger did touch
The imposing lock of brass,
Which blocked my goal and kept it in clutch,
Shattered like brittle glass.

The lock no more, the prison as well
The jester flew high above.
With a spin and a twirl this creature brought back
The dream I've grown to love.

The world grew back, now better than ever.
The giant trees did part.
The sky and sun seemed to shine on forever,
And warmed my dying heart.

The pain did fade as the clown drew near
"NiGHTS" I felt was it's name.
It held my hand, abolished my fears.
No longer I felt any shame.

I closed my eyes to sleep once more
So tired yet so glad.
I saw a world no one has before
In this small adventure I had.

I do not fret. I'm not upset.
My time has merely come.
Though I am young I'll not forget
The hardships I've come from.

I'll rest a lass, just shy a tenner.
I no longer yearn to roam.
As I breathed my last, all seemed better.
Within my final home.

In a dream I could see a beautiful place.
Wondrous things wait 'round the bend.
Steal your mind from your trouble's embrace.
For your lives have yet to end.

In a Dream by CrossingJ2000
In a dream, I could see;

Memories of a broken past
People met, not forgotten
Landscapes of places that didn’t last

I’m looking
For someone
In these hallowed halls
We both walked

A figure is sitting there
In a place we both knew
Together again, at last
Talking, just we two

The future, the past
Blur together
Shared memories
Are bittersweet
On the tips of our minds

But it can’t last
Dreams end, people change
We vowed to meet again
In one of the two realms
And departed on better terms
Then we last ended upon

Yet, I still begin to
And a silhouette appears by my side
A mere fragment, yet enough
To comfort me
And promise me that
We two will meet again
Vanishing on the wind, with three words;
Keep the dream

Christmas NiGHTS Patriot of Dreams by Daimondstar:

Dreams Dreams in Nightmare by Jessica Stanley:
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*attempts NiGHTS style Nightmaren go boom happy dance; falls on floor*


Thank you TRiPPY, glad you got a kick out of that one ;D

Great seeing/reading/watching the other entries too

Going to need more frames and must make wallspace..



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Congratulations to all the winners. Those three entries are definitely deserving of a prize. They're all nice but I find Ketrin's entry exceptionally hard to look away from. It's a really peaceful and calming picture.

Saifer Dracondrali

Saifer Dracondrali


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I was outmatched! lol

Still, quite happy with my work considering the block I had making it.
This other stuff is fantastic though!

Maybe some of these other artists should start holding contests for copies of their art? lol

... Kinda embarrassing that my thing took up the most space though. =/




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Oh God, he's everywhere! Great job Viper, and all the other winners. Congrats on the fantastic work by all the submitters :)



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Great Job Viper! Absolutely hilarious :D I'll never be able to listen to Dreams Dreams the same way again lol.

Every entry was fantastic though! You guys are all so creative!

Noctourne Wonderland

Noctourne Wonderland

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Fantastic jobs, everyone! We need another contest like this soon.

Too bad Dreams Dreams is forever ruined...



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Congratulations winning peoples!



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Awesome entries!

...and wow, thanks for that, viper. Definitely shudder-worthy.

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