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the Nightmaren and the Ideya (some spoilers)

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The Exile

The Exile


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Does anyone know if Wizeman knew about the Ideya when he made the Nightmaren? I have a theory that they were created specifically to be able to neutralise their effects when Wizeman wants to possess people without being resisted by the Ideya.

When I look at the bosses of NiD (apart from Wizeman himself and NiGHTs and Reala, who are supposed to be different to the other Nightmaren), they seem to be themed heavily on concepts that are the opposite of the Ideya or that would be destructive to Ideya. For instance, Jackle is themed around insanity and chaos, which are the opposite of the wisdom/maturity of the Growth Ideya. Clawz is a cat chasing a mouse, a symbol of fear and the feeling of being hunted, which would counteract a red Ideya. Puffy is an opera singer, and seems to be singing a tragic song, probably in a very stereotypical opera that inevitably has a bad ending, which would counteract the yellow Ideya of Hope. Gulpo is a giant goldfish, associated with poor memory and attention span, and things that are the opposite of Intelligence in general. Gilwing is a serpent/dragon type thing, which in some mythology is associated with the Devil, temptation and corruption, the opposite of the purity of the White Ideya.

Some of these are fairly long shots, I know, especially as every Maren's stage has all the Ideya except the red one.

Noctourne Wonderland

Noctourne Wonderland

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I really like that theory; it elaborates on the "Dark Ideya" idea that's been floating around a while. Does it work for JoD?

Utter Magic

Utter Magic


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This is quite interesting, Anti-Ideya. It would make sense if Wizeman knew about the Ideya - those are what can, essentially, kill him, so he would create the Marens in order to counter-power them in order to maintain his power.

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