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Complete Magic

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Noctourne Wonderland

Noctourne Wonderland

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So it's my tradition to play Chirstmas NiGHTS once it turns to winter. I hadn't gotten to it for a while, because of life and things getting in the way. Finally, just now, I got around to hooking up the ol' Saturn. I noticed Christmas NiGHTS was still in there...I must not have played since last year. Wow.

I hook everything up to my new TV and let it roll, and all of the Saturn's memory is gone. Weird, but not too bad. I figured it would give me incentive to unlock everything again. The the game started. There, on the big screen it all played out: that beautiful storybook opening, the menu with the great music, and then the game itself. NiGHTS on a big screen is incredible. It felt like I could tumble right into that would and frolic in the snow with Claris and Eliot. I really felt like I was flying. At that moment, I felt the same way I did when I first discovered NiGHTS, a feeling that we all know, but I just can't put into words. Magic. The world melted away and there I was, totally happy. Who would have thought a game could do that?

So I came on here and looked around the forums. I haven't been as active as a used to be; it seems like a lot of ideas have been shared. I've been a member here since 2008 and a lurker since before JoD; that's 4 years of my life. But now it all feels exciting and new again. We talk about how things have slowed down, especially since Lucid Dreaming, but that doesn't have to be true! Find the nicest TV you can, turn out the lights in the other rooms, and just immerse yourself in NiGHTS. It's such a feeling...

Just thought I'd share. :)

Saifer Dracondrali

Saifer Dracondrali


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When I first discovered NiGHTS I had a new plastic mat under my chair that gave off a strong "New plastic stuff!" smell... now whenever I smell that I go into a massive memory lane.
Something's wrong with me...
I have a fancy new T.V. myself I should try that out!
Pretty awesome tradition though. I've been here just slightly longer than you!
*looks at post count* *shame*

Oh and the new plastic smell is gone now :( Time to try ta make up those posts.

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