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Very quick question that I don't know where to ask

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Hello, everyone. I've been iffy about posting a thread here about such a silly question, but since I can't find an answer anywhere, I'll have to just do it.
I'm looking for three songs that were used on two DreamCast episodes. Not songs that they presented, but songs that played in the background, which is what makes it hard.

The first two are played one after the other by the 1:18:19 mark to the 1:19:50 on the Radio Dreadux episode. DiGi mentions something about liking Need for Speed. I've been searching soundtracks endlessly, but just can't seem to find those two.

The other one is the first song played on the show while DiGi and TRiPPY are talking on JoD Revisited. After DiGi's owl intro and OutRun tune. The one that sounds like something out of 3D Mazeman and seems like a very spacey version of Dreams Dreams.
(EDIT: Nevermind about this one. I guess I haven't explored JoD enough. I've only owned it for a few weeks...)

I'd be most grateful if someone could give me a hint on this and, again, sorry for making this kind of useless thread.

EDIT: Just as well, I've already done the thread.
One last question that I've been meaning to ask DiGi and TRiPPY. I've been meaning to get a good, cheap, microphone for my computer for quite some time, now, but have never known which one to get. I would like to know if you guys could tell me what microphones you've been using (I understand that one broke down/was lost or something, so if you don't know the brand/make of that one, it's fine).

Thanks, again!

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