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Chao Freak 1

Chao Freak 1


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I mean... I'd imagine you're the kind of people that put music in the same category as any other piece of art... And I dun think this would fit in the music section right either... SO YEAH.
I'm sure a few of you know about VOCALOID... What I've been doing recently is taking clips from Lady GaGa acapellas and created a synthesized voice from them using the program UTAU. It's actually illegal to do this withought the voicer's permision, so I'm not releasing her for use, but I thought that you guys might like to hear what she'd sound like. 8P
She can only speak Japanese right now, and since the samples of her voice were from low quality clips, she's not the most real sounding of all of the synthesized singers in the world.
Plus, if this doesn't count as art to you guys, I drew her character art. 8P
You can hear her here~
GaGaPoid - とおせんぼ

I want a TRiPPOiD or a DiGi Raploid gaiz! D8

Noctourne Wonderland

Noctourne Wonderland

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That's really neat; the art is phenominal. :)

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