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Personal Dreamscapes

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Me...I always live my dreamscapes to the full! They're so curious in their unique way!
One time, while I was meditating, and I saw a Sky Temple, where the inside was huge in space, full of mosaics and stuff like that.
Coulda sworn I saw myself practicing swordplay with a golden blade and ruby handle...A signature sword I later on made, the Valour Blade, I like to call it.

Once in a dream, I was in my house, in my bedroom, looked the same, I didn't think there were any changes, I thought it was plain reality, and without knowing, I just went to, what was my bedroom wall in reality, but it was actually replaced with a cable car that took me to the park! Sweet!

That wasn't all I have seen, I also dreamed of going to a made-up Uncle's house, where you go upstairs, then it's pitch-black! Next thing I know I go through a door and I find myself in different places, like a mountaintop with a river below, and a tree on top of the mountain, I go back into the dark room, and through another door, where I find myself facing some evil warrior, and...Somehow...Destroy him with a chocolate sword! XD
After a few rooms, I return downstairs, and when I go back, it's always a different adventure every time!

Dreamscapes. Simply amazing.

The Exile

The Exile


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The most interesting part of my dreamscape is the afterlife. If I die, there's a 'Game Over' screen, then I am in a very big, very important Government office building. A woman in a black suit walks in. If I have lives left, she just lets me wander around the place (it really is HUGE), if I run out of lives, she calls security and I am dragged off to a deletion booth. I always escape or get too scared and wake up, so I don't know what deletion is like.

Apart from that, I'm usually in a city or in a video game.




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There is one place I've been in more than once in my dreams, but it is not pleasant. I certainly hope it's not my dreamscape. All I can remember about it is that it's a house with impossibly small doorways that I can see through, but I can't get to the other side. Kind of like in Alice In Wonderland where she can see the garden through the tiny door but she can't get through. It just feels frustrating.

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