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Notes for the the video

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- Welcome, who we are and why we are here.

- This campaign began because we wanted to raise awareness that NiGHTS might not be in AllStars Racing and that fans of NiGHTS should show support for him if they want him in.

- As expected, whereever i took this campaign 99% of the responses have been that we're 'stupid, NiGHTS is so obviously going to be in the game and that we're speculating nonsense'.

- People are all so certain that NiGHTS is going to be in this game that they are not even willing to try and see it all from the other side of the fence.

- Even our own community questioned the campaign. The only reason i was able gain their trust is because they know who i am and know i would not be making all this fuss if it was not necessary, but still they had to really stretch their belief in me with this.

- People can't seem to handle the fact that NiGHTS, a secondary mascot to SonicTeam and one of the most recognized characters of the company could not be in ASR.

- When i started this campaign i used my words carefully. We are co-admins to the biggest NiGHTS fansite online and we have tremendous amounts of responsibility on our shoulders. When you're required to respresent a website of this scale you're no longer just representing a website but you're representing an entire community.

- With this in mind, recognize the fact that i can not and will not run around online spreading rumours and false truths for the simple fact that it would damage the reputation of the community. And now recognize the fact that i would not be here, still doing this if i wasn't speaking the truth.

- But what is the truth? Well, this broadcast is to put forth the truth on this whole situation.

- Up until now i have been telling the truth but shaping my words differently than outright saying anything, merely out of respect for this situation but also because i myself need to be certain on what it is i'm talking about.

- So far, i've been talking along the lines of this being 'thoughts', which they have been, but i can reveal that they are 'fact'. NiGHTS is not playable in the main game of AllStars Racing.

- How do i know this?

- Firstly, i'll begin explaining this chain of events from the top.

- This NiGHTS community had to survive on it's own for over a decade and it was us fans that made the community strong. We stuck around even when things seemed to be going nowhere. We still supported when there was nothing to support.

- 6 months before the press even caught on we were told by someone in person in Novemeber 2006 that a new NiGHTS game was in development and it was cause for concern because the way the game was being handled was disrespectful to the franchise and the fans who had been waiting so long to see NiGHTS make a proper return.

- Why did they feel the need to do this? Because they trusted us with the information and i'm presuming they wanted us to brace ourselves for what might be a shaky return for NiGHTS.

- This brings us up to the present day where i can tell you being a co-admin there are things that you learn even when you don't go looking for it.

- The same has happened with ASR.

- I did not go looking for information, i was merely showing support for a character that we wanted in the game. This prompted me to come into information that NiGHTS was not actually in ASR.

- At first i refused to believe it because it sounded extremely ludicrous and illogical. They've got Billy Hatcher, AiAi, Amigo, even Ulala has now been name dropped ...and no NiGHTS? I refused to believe it. It was stupid to listen to. It was an AllStars game and NiGHTS wasn't going to be in it? Didn't believe it.

- But i was curious so i went looking for information and what i found was the truth and the truth is NiGHTS is not in the roster for AllStars Racing.

- I was angry because wheoever made the choice to not include NiGHTS overlooked an entire community sitting here supporting him. NiGHTS doesn't just have one or two fans around the place, he's got a huge cult following and this community was waiting for him in AllStars Racing.

- I waited a while after i had found out because i was unsure what to do. About a month or two went by and i was slowly trying to piece together a plan that would later form into this campaign you're seeing underway right now.

- As time went on i gained more confirmation about NiGHTS' absent from the roster and figured out the best form of action would be to simply bring up the topic that maybe NiGHTS was not in the game, to which the topic would snowball and gain interest.

- The topic gained interest until eventualy the talks of SEGA possibly considering DLC for AllStars Racing was mentioned openly by Greg Johnson, the creator of ToeJam&Earl, at which point it was the best time to throw the campaign into gear.

- I started the campaign off by trying to raise the awareness that NiGHTS might not be in AllStars Racing. I officially started asking fans and neighbouring communities to trust what i was saying and asked them to contact SEGA to show support for NiGHTS DLC as this would be the only sure fire way of getting NiGHTS playable at all.

- As expected, i was met with negative comments, espicially in the official SEGA forum where almost everybody told me i was being stupid about the notion of NiGHTS not in an AllStars game. And it's with those negative comments that i would like to further prove to SEGA what a massive mistake they have made by having NiGHTS fall off the final character line-up.

- Even people who don't like NiGHTS recognize his importance and popularity so for every single comment i got in reply that was telling me i was stupid for what i was saying further proved to SEGA that NiGHTS was expected from everybody and their choice to not include him was wrong and ludicrous.

- So even if you were against my campaign you have been helping push the point further. So thank you, whether you openly supported me or not. You helped prove my point.

- During all this commotion of visiting forums and sending emails out to SEGA did the campaign gain interest and i was further more informed NiGHTS is not playable in AllStars Racing. If this campaign has done anything so far it's further proven NiGHTS' absence from the roster which in turn fuels the need to request SEGA make NiGHTS a DLC item.

- The campaign has now brought us up to this point in time where i'm now going to gamble with the world and make a bet with you on the legitimacy of this campaign. There are people still calling me an idiot and they're still going to refuse to believe what i'm saying so i'm raising the stakes to prove how real this campaign is -

- Everybody, NiGHTS fans especially, know how rare and expensive NiGHTS merchandise can go for online. Me and TRiPPY own a lot of the stuff, including the very rare things that we've been lucky to come to own over the years.

- Here's my word to you and everybody watching this on how serious i am.

- If NiGHTS is a playable character in the shipped game of AllStars Racing when it's released next year, we will burn our entire collection of merchandise. Mark my words. If the game is released and NiGHTS is a playable character in the main game i will personaly set fire to our entire collection of merchandise and show the whole world me burning it all while i do it. And i swear down on this statement too. Real talk, i couldn't be any more real if i tried.

[switch to merch photos]
[show cosplay]
[switch back]

[show merch items]

- That is how certain i am on my word that NiGHTS is not a playable character for AllStars Racing outside of being a DLC item.

- And as i've previously stated, i am a man of my word and what i know is the truth therefore i only bring the truth to the table when it's in regards to NiGHTS. Ask my fellow community members, ask them if i'm joking about this. It's no joke. The whole lot will burn should the game come to release next year and NiGHTS is a playable character outside of DLC.

- Now that i've placed my bet down, where do we go from here. Knowing that i'm being extremely serious i would firstly suggest anybody still sitting on the fence who are unsure if they should support NiGHTS or not go and do it NOW. SEGA want to see numbers, if you care even the slightest for NiGHTS or for the fans who have worked so hard to keep him active over the years you will recognise that what i'm saying is right and you will go to SEGA and ask them to make NiGHTS a DLC item. Before it's too late.

- As for the bet itself, it's now up to my fellow NiGHTS fans to report this news to the gaming journalist websites such as Kotaku that this guy here is going to burn his entire collection if he's proven wrong. Clearly state it that i will do it if NiGHTS is playable in the released copy of the game AllStars Racing next year, because i know he is not. And on that note, i wish for the journalist websites to raise awareness that NiGHTS is absent from ASR and that i request fans be asking SEGA for DLC of the character.

- Why am i fighting this fight? Because for the outside world looking in at our community they think we've been spoilt over the years and they couldn't be further from the truth. We've had to continously struggle to show our support for the character, even after games like Journey of Dreams fail to sell well. We did not wait around an entire decade to have the character shoved in our face for a second and then taken away entirely.

- We as a fanbase and community have worked hard for NiGHTS and all we ask in return is for SEGA to keep the character active. To not have NiGHTS in an AllStars game is silly. Very very silly.

- SEGA, i see you. I know someone from your offices will watch this one way or another so i'm requesting you people do the right thing and get NiGHTS on DLC or you'll have just insulted an entire community of people who have stood by your company for over a decade long. Don't do that, we've done nothing wrong, we simply ask of you to keep one of your most recognised characters active because he means a lot to the fans who stuck around and supported him.

- It would not be AllStars without NiGHTS as playable, racing alongside all the others.

- For everybody else, i've been real from the start and would never lie or 'speculate' anything on this level in regards to NiGHTS unless i've got complete certainty in what i'm saying. And what i'm saying, right now, NiGHTS is not a playable character in AllStars Racing unless we get DLC of him, which is what this campaign is pushing for.

- I've placed my bet and i'm a man of my word, throughout all this. NiGHTS is not in ASR and we need to show support to get him as DLC. So, please. Ask SEGA to put NiGHTS in ASR aS DLC.

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