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NiD Rap BattleGround

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DiGi Valentine

DiGi Valentine

    Overlord Bunny Man

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Exactly what the topic title suggests. This is an NiD Rap BattleGround, meaning we battle eachother using lyrics.
Now, some of you may remember the old forums had something like this, though this one is slightly different.
Because i like a good rhyming session BUT have to keep it within 'NiGHTS' related topic, this BattleGround is based around NiD/JoD/etc. I'll lay the rules and start us off.

NiD Rap BattleGround

1 - This is a rap battle so expect use of vulgar language. If you don't like that kind of thing then go back the way you came, i'm afraid. If you're posting a rap then try not to go too over the top with your lyrics. Anything that i feel is TOO heavy and may cause major offence to most of our members then i'll have to ask you to alter it or delete it.

2 - This rap battle is based around the NiD universe, meaning we'll be taking the form of a character from the game and rapping AS them. Kinda like an RP but with lyrics, see? At the bottom of this rule section i'll post a list of available characters that you can use to battle as.

3 - If you want to join in then PM me, saying which character you want to use (providing it's not already being used by someone) and also give me a little preview of your rhymes in the PM. To be honest, i want some decent rhymers in this battle. Those who can give us a bit of wit and style so it makes it more interesting to read is highly appreciated.

4 - That being said, the raps themselves need to be a few bars in length. Making a post with only 4 lines is boring. If you're going to be in this i want to see a bit of style in it and give it some volume. There is no max to the amount of bars you can use so give us a lyrical bomb to read when you post it up. I usually do a standard verse, which is about 16 bars (16 lines, split into 4 seperate paragraphs).

5 - Only use your own rhymes, don't go stealing other peoples. Be original with your lyrics and show everybody AND your opponents that you have the ability to keep up with them.

6 - As i said, the point of a rap battle is to diss your opponents and since we're using NiD characters i want you to use your opponents character as the target, NOT the person RPing as them. Anything that i feel becomes too personal i will delete. Simple as. We're here to have fun, not get pissed off.

7 - If you wish to leave the battle then tell me and i'll remove your name from the character list so that other people can use it.

8 - I want to try and keep it to official NiD characters only for now. If i have missed anyone in the list then PM and i'll add them on to it.

Character List
NiGHTS - DiGi Valentine
Reala - Angela-Marina
Jackle - Lunar
Clawz - Xeno
Claris - Silvia Callisto
Pian - Sierra
Roger (...we REALLY need a better name for this guy)

And here's the starting rhyme. Follow me.

This is just a quick rhyme to get us all going.
Will this thing work? Only one way of knowing.
I'm NiGHTS, that's right. Here for the challenge.
Out of character a bit but somehow i'll manage.

And who cares, really? It's just a bit of fun.
To hold a little face-off never really hurt anyone.
Because this is all taking place on the lovely internet.
And i don't see no drive-by's happening just yet.

I'm a lyrical boy....or girl....whatever.
And since i can be both you can't ever diss my gender.
Whatever you bring had better be smart
Because up against me you ain't really gonna last.

So far i've seen it all, been there and done that.
I've bought the t-shirt, worn the waistcoat and the hat.
In fact, i doubt none of you could ever floor me.
Because i float in mid-air. My feet don't touch the floor, see?

XD ....and away we go.

Silvia Callisto

Silvia Callisto


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  • Location:I don't know, but it sure looks like hell froze over.
You? Out of character? Ha! That's a surprise.
You'd better watch it, NiGHTS, 'cause now I'm up on the rise.
If it weren't for me and El, your demise would've been met.
You didn't do it alone - or did you forget?

Did you forget about Wizeman, who trapped you in that palace?
And what about your brother, whose heart is full of malice?
Elliot and I are the reason you're free,
We beat 'em together - but we dreamers had the key.

So don't you dare go and get all cocky on us,
We don't really need to go and cause such a fuss.
Well, not just yet. Right now it's the two of us, ya see?
When the others get here, let's kick up this rapping spree.

I'm pretty sure the others're gonna get here soon,
but I highly doubt you'll be keepin' up your little tune.
Things'll get serious, everything delerious,
A little 'exam' turned brawl, and then bam!

Your senses all go outta whack, vision starts to turn to black,
What started out harmless becomes a downright rhymin' mess,
All success goes down the drain, all your comebacks used in vain,
You'll build up so much stress that you'll start to loose finesse.

So bring it on, NiGHTS, send me all that you got,
Word for word, I'll send you back all of my best shots,
And once the others arrive, we'll be at full war,
Nothing here will be said just for play anymore.

DiGi Valentine

DiGi Valentine

    Overlord Bunny Man

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And thus the battle begins and my god you're harsh.
Sure, i'll admit. You helped free my arse.
But if it wasn't for me you'd be hitting low notes.
The sound of your singing would still be straight jokes.

You would have failed the audition which would have ruined your plan.
And forget Elliot, you wouldn't land any man.
You'd be single and sucking at this musical flow.
The only thing you'd suck on Elliot is his big toe.

So don't go there, girl. You kids ain't got the right.
You may have the fire inside you but i'm the one who ignites.
Bring me the red ideya, i'll show you how to use it.
Dropping bars and leaving scars within your music.

I fly free with this rhyme, you can't hold me down.
You kids live in Twin Seeds but i own the town.
Within my power i bring magic throughout the hour.
I'm the only one capable to stand on that tower.





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Yo, here I am, a Pian, fresh from my egg.
I'm about ready to light a powder keg.
Sure, one of you probably hatched me
But I just don't go for parental authority.

Sides, I'm done with all the Pian whoopin'.
I'm sick of all the dashin' and paraloopin'.
The next one of you who hurts my kin
Will find a grenade minus the pin.

And don't get me started on Mepians, dude.
Merging together mortal enemies is just crude.
The sensation itself feels pretty wrong.
I'll tell about it before too long.

Please imagine if you could
Singin' a tune within a shaded wood.
But suddenly before you can even peep
You've done 'it' with a friggin' Shleep!

Yes I'm cute and I'm pretty small
But I'm not afraid to get in this brawl
I can do more than just fly and fish with cake.
I'll hold my own and make no mistake!

DiGi Valentine

DiGi Valentine

    Overlord Bunny Man

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....whoops... sorry about that. Our computer screen died and i wasn't able to sort out the other people singing up. I'm the process of doing that now.
Anyways, don't let that stop you. Just keep on doing your raps if you've been given a character. :D;;




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Your little gang here makes me cackle
A traitor and a little girl is easy to tackle
But now some Nightopian wants to play?
That little fairy food has nothing to say!

Little NiGHTS here decided to rebel
He was beat up bad and placed in a cell
Then comes some dreamers who save his ass
He's proven to all Mares he's got no class

And you little girl with your long pink hair
You act all sway only when NiGHTS is there
They call me a joker but it's gotta be off
Your terrible rhymes and words make me scoff

But oh now the real laugh is comin' in
The little fairy lunch thinks it can win
Come a little closer you delicious snack
We'll play a game where I stuff ya in a sack

The jesters old news
The girl's lost a few screws
The pian's just a snack
But hey, Jackle's back

Silvia Callisto

Silvia Callisto


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  • Location:I don't know, but it sure looks like hell froze over.
So says he who's got some screws loose himself,
But I agree about the Pian - he's gonna get shelfed.
Things have changed since the last time that I've been here,
But then again, you haven't noticed - so let's make this clear:

Shy little Claris's gone off and took a hike,
In case you didn't noticed, I've picked up the mike.
And I see that you're still clinging to that dumb mantle of yours,
Please tell me that you can find something better in stores.

And you, little Pian, you're way in over your head,
because in about ten seconds you're gonna wind up dead.
Mostly because of invisible man over there,
but, honestly, your stupidity amazes me, I swear!

So what, NiGHTS, if you've helped me out a few times?
Things have changed since then - you'd better note the rhymes
'cause in case you've haven't noticed I'm really rather pissed,
and if anyone asks, their face'll meet my fist.

Pian most especially - you're not just small in size,
Your puny arms length'll soon be your demise,
Because I really highly doubt that you can throw a grenade,
Head back to your egg - where you should've stayed,

'cause the temperature's risin' and the Maren are unsurprising,
and once you turn your back you'll be under attack.
Because the whole place is in uprise and to you I advise
that you high tail it out - and don't give me that pout!




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Oh ho ho the girls got spunk
She just took that pian and made a slam dunk
You're pretty smart, for a dreamer that is
But lets make it clear you're no rhyming whiz

You laugh at the mantle but I laugh at YOU
Just wait till you sleep and we'll see what's new
You're all this talk and badmouthing the Jackle
But in reality your little poems make me cackle

You're threatening to punch us right out cold
Blah, blah, blah your talk is old
Without that purple jester you're nothing but normal
You're not special, not strong, and that's just being formal

I give props to you for messing with NiGHTS
I'll laugh it up when you smack the pian from sight
But if there's one thing I know it's with me you're lost
Don't try and act tough cause you're not the boss

I'm still number one
I'm still top gun
The girls got some brains
But the pians insane




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So this...is your 'battle'?
You're making me laugh!
Now Reala's arrived,
It'll be a bloodbath!

Just give it up, kiddies,
You're doomed and you're done,
Put your cards away, Jackle,
This game's already won!

And NiGHTS, don't suspect,
I forgave and I forgot,
You know that I'm better,
I'm all that you're not!

So you think you can take me?
Think you're A number one?
Hah, just one simple slaughter,
And you'll finally be gone!

You're gonna be wishing,
I'd never have found ya
Let the master get down,
Now I'll fly rings around ya!

Hope you're ready to fly,
Hope you're ready to fight!
I'll prove once and for all,
That there is no NiGHTS!!!




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  • Interests:Books, gaming, animals, books, my computer, writing. Oh, did I mention books?
Y'know you talk pretty big for a guy with no torso
Especially since 'the trator' kicked your ass, no?
And I'm pretty sure that I correctly recall
That little girl played a big part in your downfall.

Which reminds me, you diva wannabe
It's not a good idea to get smart with me
Arm length has no relevance
Against an angry Pian you got no chance.

And Reala, nice of ya to show your ugly face.
I didn't think you would after your fall from grace
You think you're better than NiGHTS, ho ho!
Didn't he beat you from head to toe?

I'll frag the lot of ya, you'll see!
I'll show ya it doesn't matter if you're tiny.
Don't you dare make fun of my size
Or I might just go eat your eyes!




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I hope you know you're not one to speak
NiGHTS got lucky but you just went squeak
The clown and dreamers at least played the game
You just went fishing and acted all tame

The cards don't lie and you're in trouble
Now Reala's here and he'll hurt you double
You have no right to talk all big
If you had fought you'd have snapped like a twig!

I eat pians like you for lunch and dinner
I'm a pro at the game and you're not even beginner
You say I haven't a middle and call it a shot?
I say read the manual again cause flames need to be hot

Your little 'insult' was ice cold and shattered
By the time the Mares are through you'll be in tatters
It's a new game now and the rules are my style
They won't be very nice but certainly vile

With a slight of hand
You'll be crushed as sand
The Master's gonna rule
So stop fighting like a fool

DiGi Valentine

DiGi Valentine

    Overlord Bunny Man

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Oh my golly gosh, it's now a blood bath.
But we'll see who finally has the last laugh.
It seems all your raps are being choreographed.
Where-as my raps are fresh and leave warrior scars.

Don't worry, your bars and rhymes are being heard out.
But NiGHTS is the hero and i'm about to put the word out.
You're all going on about how you're stone cold killers.
I killed Reala and Wizeman and didn't get the shivers.

Reala. You're a re-colour. Make no mistake.
They couldn't make the real you for April Fools Day.
They just dressed me up in your suit, it was fake.
You can never replace me because i am so great.

Jackle is so bait. Trying to make himself look raw.
Mr. Funky-Death trying to act hardcore.
How you attacking us? A stack of cards?
OooOoo. Scary man. I'm throwing out warp stars.

Paraloop the loop. The loop just keeps killing.
Pians and Marens. You're all getting sucked in.
Reala's star trail is OMG ..yellow.
What do you do to 'em, Reala? Piss on 'em then go?

Remember who's the one collecting the blue chips.
I'm richer than rich and the one that people wanna cruise with.
You lose this. All of you. You aint getting back up.
I'm in the sequel but where are you Jackle?

(quick note - I'll be personaly offline for about a week or so starting on Friday. If anybody else wants to join and notes me then they'll have to wait for me to return so i can add 'em in)




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You're in the sequel that I'll admit
But you look like a ballerina you idiot
Fluffy frills and nice pearly gloves
They're really trying to un-Maren you cuz

But maybe the new frilly look can work
Hermaphrodites can wear anything from ties to skirts
All flying around like the dancer you are
Trying to look pretty and be the big star

I have a new game for you NiGHTS
It involves rolling the dice and you loosing twice
Gotta make up for the past mistake, right?
We'll see who' still looping to ungodly heights

You were owned in the ass and had to be saved
By dreamers no less who now won't behave
The little girl here is stepping on your hat
And you're sitting here just watching the attack

Couldn't find the rhyme?
Getting lost with time?
You don't belong here
So get moving square

DiGi Valentine

DiGi Valentine

    Overlord Bunny Man

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Calling me a square? Ha. At least it's a shape.
You've got no form which is why you're easy to break.
Saying my new dress code is full out corny.
Where as your offspring in the sequel was your result for feeling horny.

Who was within your reach? That bouncy bitch Puffy.
You both got it on and birthed Phuckle. How lovely.
You're calling me a hermaphrodite but i get the best of both sides.
Told ya dissing my gender doesn't dent my pride.

If anything, it feeds it. Believe it.
See these sleeves? I got tricks up them to deceive with.
I can make you think i'm harmless wearing these garments.
I'll wrip your face to shreds and use it as a parchment.

"My lyrics all over Jackle's face, hanging on my wall".
Your whole pathetic life is about to have a curtain call.
Forget it all, it's over. You get no encore.
The crowd knows that your rhyming is so poor.

They implore you to leave when i put my foot through the door.
My names on the game title. Yours aint. That's the law.
Learn to live with it or suffer like the rest.
Here's some anti-depressant. Get that sh!t off your non existent chest




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Oh please. Do you really think you're making hits?
You keep yapping away but continue to miss
Maybe in the new game you'll have better aim
Too bad it can't improve your rhyme score the same

You can laugh and point at the lack of center
But I can mess with your mind no matter your gender
Or lack thereof as the case here would be
But what does it matter to a Maren like me?

Try again NiGHTS cause your loosin' your sheen
You might wanna hurry before my rhymes slice your being
You can't twirl forever and expect to win
In fact in the sequel you need kids yet again

Can't do anything on your own can you?
You depend on dreamers like a machine needs the screw
You're useless without them and you know it's a fact
Stop trying to act tough cause you're spittin' out crap

Come then jester man
What's your plan?
Let round two begin
Though I know I'll win

DiGi Valentine

DiGi Valentine

    Overlord Bunny Man

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You know you'll win? You've already lost.
You lose every single time when our pathways cross.
Dreamers help? Nah, i only do it for that extra kick.
Besides, you're Claris' nightmare, not mine. You twit.

All i gotta do is drop Claris and you'll vanish.
Either that or hit you three times to have you banished.
After that, i fight you just for the fun of it.
Gettin 2.0's and i'm bloody lovin' it.

I was imprisoned for a while, that much was true.
I done my time sentence, now the bid's gone through.
I'm free all day, everyday.
Kicking your ass on schedule like all this was a play.

But, hey. I don't need to answer to you.
I wanna take this moment to comment on your issue.
I mean, seriously. What's up with that pad?
Your crib looks like you've gone mad with jazz.

I thought Death was supposed to be grim?
I see your place and you're trying to bring the funk in.
You're so out of character it's insulting.
Oranges and Indigos on your walls and you're acting like it's nothing.

Your place looks like a gay graffiti group hit it up.
And you're calling my clothes frilly? Please, Jackle. Give it up.
What's with that big ass 'jack-in-the-box'?
You like 'head'? Ha ha. That's over the top!




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I'm a new kind of reaper you could say
I'm a little bit loony and love to play
Grim and dark death is boring and dull
Get with this game, NiGHTS, before you fall

I really don't care what you think of my place
I'm still the Mare and you're still the disgrace
Mr. Oo looky me I can fly and spin
I would think of all people you know fun ain't a sin

You see you're mister hero
And the rest of us called zero
But go on ahead and let the girl from your sight
I'll take the Ideya and all shall be right

We're all still here. Gone only in the game
To think Marens can really die is just insane
We're the darkest fears and inner black
Let down any wall and we'll be there to attack

It's a bit quiet though
Battles just a little slow
Can't the others take this heat?
Are you the only being to beat?




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Aww sh!t guys

the pussycats come back, and its times to play
yeah, a Dr.Seuss rap is coming your way
more deadly than the Cat in the Hat by far
my mice start to light up like a Hollywood star

I'm very vicious on these 16 bars with sound
after I claw you up NiGHTS you hit the ground
I would hit Jackle but she's quite eerie
her rhymes be quite smooth, plus she's hard to see

I put my night vision on and I'm ready for battle
left and right my rhymes make you shake and rattle
just a few more hits and you'll hit the floor
so give in, pack your bags and hit the door

didn't ask to be the king but if the crown fits, wear it
I'm something like Bugs Bunny cuz I stay with fresh carrots
Clawz is in the building and you know it's official
you're a dry-mouth Jackle, better whet your whistle

(sorry it's kinda short, I just woke up)

Silvia Callisto

Silvia Callisto


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  • Location:I don't know, but it sure looks like hell froze over.
Holy Ideya on a stick, the cat RAPS!
Poorly...sooner or later they're gonna collapse.
But this was one of the last Maren that I expected to see -
And that brings the total Maren present up to three...

This brings the current participants up to the recolor, the cat,
the loon, the flying balerina, myself, and the winged rat.
And to continue this recent chaos and disorder,
I have something to say to you all, sans myself, in that order.

Reala - like stated earlier, you're a recolor, face it!
And you're little 'I'm the best' attitude is something you need to quit,
Because if I recall correctly, you were blasted sky high,
Before it happens again, head off to some little corner to cry.

Claws - you're even more insane than Jackle if you think you can handle this!
Just seeing you here attempting to rap indicates something's amiss.
If anything, GILLWING could probably rap circles around you!
You just got yourself into deeper mess than you knew.

Jackle - what the heck was that!? Those rhymes were all weak!
Did you honestly think your situation was that desperate and bleak?
NiGHTS practically rapped around you with a paraloops!
Three times, in fact! A fourth would've sent you through a hoop!

NiGHTS - and there you go again with your cocky attitude!
If anything, you should at leat show us Dreamers some grattitude,
Because mister RECOLOR over there, if I recall correctly,
Put you in that prison by tattling to Wizeman dirrectly!

And you, Pian - those threats just don't work.
Come to think of it, they seem to be your one little quirk.
I'm sorry to say this, but I've got a hunch,
that you're done for - hey Claws, there's Pian lunch!




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So now that the cat's here you come back?
Where were you girl when I was on the attack?
It's been weeks so dun be snide
You ran off awhile ago to hide

And as for the lyrics- or attempt at least
You're worse then the crazy feline beast!
There was NO rhythm there at all
You started out fast but went down to a crawl

Between Clawz and me we could eat you three
NiGHTS, dreamer, and the Pian with a cup o' tea
We'll sit right down for a game of cards
After the craze cat rips you to shards

Face it, girl, you've lost your beat
You don't have the rhyme to play with elite
Dreamers shouldn't mess with the Marens of night
So go back to your own realm and fly a kite

You've been gone too long
Haven't got a song
Can't play the game
When you all say the same

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