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An ad about a NiGHTS 2?

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Okay...Last NiGHT,I Dreamed about a weird Bleach episode(but that ain't the point of this topic),then it went over to me reading an issue of Shonen Jump...then I saw an ad for a 'NiGHTS 2' I was about to turn the page,but then I was like,'Wait,WHAT THE--' I took a closer look at the cover and it had NiGHTS,Will,Helen and even Claris and Elliot (But they both looked older)!! but the weird part is behind them was U.V. NiGHTS (Hair,horns and all) looking all evil-like. then the dream turned into a sort of 'Gameplay' thing where it showed the NiGHTS and the gang flying over a city,with my fanmaren ViXEN(But only for a short time...TT.TT ). I wish it was real,though...I wanna play as U.V. ;.;

Your thoughts? Comments?



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Ok...huh...odd,but viable

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