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Another NiGHTS game for the Wii? xD

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NiGHTS to stand by Wii
By: Dale Gennard - 1st January 2008 (11:46) - [ 0 ] Comments

Any future NiGHTS game will be made for Wii
Takashi Izuka has said in an interview with German site G-Wie-Gorilla that he think's Nintendo's machine was the right choice for NiGHTS and if they make a future installment it will be for Wii.

“When we decided to finally make a sequel to NiGHTS, we didn’t know which console it would be for,” he recalled. “We only decided later on that we would develop the game for the Wii. But I think it was a good choice – should we make another instalment, we would make it for the Wii.”

The new Wii game NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams has seen a mix of positive and negative reviews so far with it's Japan and US launches but with the European release soon and the NiGHTS into Dreams port to PS2 hitting Japan soon we won't count the jester out just yet.

For the full interview click here but beware, the text is all in German.

Stay tuned to Sonic News for more news as it happens!

Discuss this and more over at the SSMB!
Links: Gamer.tm, G-Wie-Gorilla's interview, SSMB NiGHTS topic 1st page

give credit to those who found this out.... and here is the link:


oops... there is already a topic about this... 0.o sorry! :(



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So does this mean that if they are planning on brining a NiD remake/port over the other countries it would be on the Wii instead of the Ps2?



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It better be on either the PS2 or the Wii because I don't have any other bloody systems.

I used to have a Gamecube, but feh. The Wii replaced it.

And I have an N64 but who makes games for that anymore?

If they make it for only the Xbox I'm gonna kill Sega.

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