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Greetings Fellow Forum Members

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  • Interests:What is your first name? Brandon is my first given name. <br /><br />What are your top three interests? That is quite hard, but I would have to say school, reading, and video games. <br /><br />Do you enjoy the NiGHTS series? Yes, indeed.

My Introduction

Hello everyone, and how are you on this fine day? I myself am great, but a little exhausted from school and such. To the point, I have decided to work on this little introduction to inform people who I am. Not too many people know who I am due to the fact that I've been busy lately, and have had equal to zero time doing anything I have wanted to do. Now I will continue on with this rather short introduction all about me.

I have had several names on the the INTERNET, (from such things as forums, MMORPGS, games, activities, and ETC.) so I have decided to list some of the previous ones I have had from even far back to see if you have known me before, and just to know me better.

- GamerFreak149 (I took the liberty of changing "149" to "232" for no true purpose, but just for a simple name change I presume.)

- NSiderHelper (The only true reason I changed this great name is because the official NSider forum is indeed retired, and I felt my name should also. I spent a lot of my time on there when I had it to help people, so it's only right.)

- RockMan (This name was only used for a short period of time at a MegaMan forum that I was a member of for a short period of time.)

- RockManVSMegaMan (This awkward name was again used for a MegaMan forum I was once a member of.)

These are in fact only some of the previous names I have used over the INTERNET, but I can't seem to revive my memories of past names as of now, so I will indeed update this page with more and more information regarding myself.

I have a family that consists of 5 members, and I will not reveal any names, but they're all great people. Almost everyone in my family enjoy video games from time to time, but aren't anything like me. I'll list what some of us enjoy in our games if you would like to know.

Mom - Truly almost none, but she did inform me that she enjoyed The Legend of Zelda for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) when she was younger, but like me, she has very little time on her hands too.

Dad - He enjoys games that are almost perfect in design, and will keep him playing when not busy. I know he enjoys many series which I will list.

  • Castlevania
  • Pokémon (Only a little)
  • Digimon
It continues, but they must be fun.

Sister - Well she is obviously a female, so that explains a little bit, but not much. She's into the Pokémon series, but I have noticed she's slowly fading away from it. She enjoys simulation games, and adventure games.

Brother - Youngest, so he enjoys just about any game that I or someone else buys.

Me - I enjoy almost any video game that keeps me playing, however I am a rather large fan of the NiGHTS series.

I think that I'm somewhat of a smart or informed person regarding all-around topics, but that's just an opinion that anyone is given the right to state about someone. I have acquired a lot of knowledge since joining NSider.

I currently own a lot of video games and systems, but I'll list my current video game systems here.

- Original Game boy (Black)
- Game boy Color (Green)
- Game boy Color (Clear/Purple)
- Game boy Color (Pink/Red)
- Game boy Advance SP (Silver)
- Nintendo DS (Silver)
- Nintendo Game cube (Silver)
- Nintendo Wii (White)
- Sony PSP Slim (Ice Silver)
- Dell Dimension 2400 Personal Computer (PC) (Black)
- Dell Dimension 2300 Personal Computer (PC) (Black)
- Emerson Digital Versatile Disc (DVD)/ Video Home System (VHS) Player (Yes, I know they aren't really used for video games, but there are several for them.)
- A few Television Plug-In games.

These are almost all of my game systems that I currently own.

I do in fact enjoy sports, and am currently running Cross Country, in case you don't know Cross-country running is a sport in which teams of runners compete to complete a course over open or rough terrain faster than other teams., and really enjoy it.

This was just a very, very short introduction about me GamerFreak232, and if you would like to become friends, learn more about me, or just discuss topics of your choice I can be contacted several different ways.

America On-line Instant Messaging (AIM) ~ GamerFreak232
E-Mail ~ Ask me for it.

Hopefully I will indeed see you all around.

On a side note, please contact me privately informing me if you see any kind of mistakes in any of my posts. (Grammar, Spelling, Facts, Information, ETC.)




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My my, I must say your introduction is easily one of the more unique introductions I've seen here. It looks rather well organized. At any rate, hope to see you around, and welcome aboard!




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Hey there nice to see you here and I hope you enjoy your time here.



    Your Mum

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Hey there ^-^

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