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Howdy 8D

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Hello everyone! :3

My name is Brittany, but I prefer to go by Nara~

So, a little about me... hm~ Where to start. XD I enjoy many things, such as drawing and art in general. I am an artist, drawing my inspiration from nature, music, and my imagination/dreams. If you've ever come across Nara87 on DeviantArt, well, that's me. :P I like games, mainly anything old school or fantasy related, esp. anything involving dragons. XD *loves them* Movies - comedy, horror and fantasy my favorites. Music, adventuring, nature, animals, dreams, reading... um, anything Celtic/Scotland related, seafood, sweets, nighttime, stargazing, and the ocean. My sign is Gemini and my favorite color is purple. 8D As for dislikes, meh... there's not really that much I don't like.

Personality wise, I'm a kind and caring person, always willing to lend a hand. I have a great sense of humor and think of myself as a funny person. I always seem to bring smiles and laughter to others, which making others happy is something I love to do. Material possessions mean nothing to me really, as I find happiness in the simplest of things. And when it comes to people, I only care about what's on the inside, because that's what really counts~


Anywho, onto my encounter with NiGHTS! Throughout the years I have glimpsed the purple jester-esque lad here and there, but I never looked into the character more than just that passing glance. Recently however, whilst browsing DA, I came across a image of NiGHTS and clicked on it. After that I found myself wondering more about the character, and becoming more and more interested. Then I found this wonderful website, and began reading till my eyes bled of wonder and intrigue. The character NiGHTS, the world of dreams, the tales of others, mainly TRiPPY's own ideas and stories, just.. utterly sucked me in. I've always felt dreams are more than what they seem and have had "odd" experiences... but had no clue a game, let alone a community, existed that embraced this to such a caliber. It made me very gleeful~ Someday I hope to be able to play the game, but have a feeling I'll end up playing the sequel first... XD;

And so, here I am. Ready to share my own tales of dreams and experiences with those who might better understand and enjoy them. I look forward to meeting new friends and becoming a part of the NiGHTS community. :)




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Artists win ^^

Good to meet another artist, especially a fan of NiGHTS.

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