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To ensure your stay at our forums remains a pleasant and friendly experience we ask you to adhere to the following rules. If you disregard our rules, you face the possibility of being banned or suspended.

1.) IT IS ALWAYS BETTER TO POST IN AN EXISTING TOPIC THAN CREATE A NEW ONE. Please use the search function to check a similar topic doesn't already exist. Similar topics will be merged into one to avoid confusion.
*As with the forums being mostly archived from old content now please feel free to start a new topic if you have something REALLY IMPORTANT to add to the original archived one. Providing a link to the old locked topic would probably be nice for other readers too.

2.) Don't bump ancient topics with waffle when you have nothing of real purpose to add to it. Adding decent info/material to old topics is not frowned upon however. We welcome you to share your information.

3.) Keep off topic to the offtopic sections. Keep NiGHTS talk in NiGHTS related parts of the forums.

4.) Opinion is opinion. Not law.
5.) RESPECT. Respect other members, they'll respect you. That goes for the newbies AND the oldbies. Everyone here is equal regardless of their knowledge of the fandom or game. Take some time to learn and to teach thus improving the community. Bullying or snobbery will not be tollerated by staff.

6.) Use the spell checker if you are not confident in your writing ability.

7.) Learn from your mistakes. If you slip up, move on. End of story.

8.) No arguing in the forum with other members. If you have something to get off your chest take it to the PM's. Nobody wants fun informative topics to be hijacked by ranting people. Though, if you feel you are being personally harrassed, please inform a member of staff.

9.) Try to keep your language clean. We have members of various ages here. Be a bit responsible.

10.) No posting offensive, agressive, illegal, harmful or malicious materials.
~ This website and its owners are not responsible for the content created and posted by the forum users. We will however aim to keep it as above board as possible.
*IMPORTANT* Any user under the age of 13 should have their parents permission to use our forums due to content/language that may be posted by other users. We aim to be a safe environment for the fandom but can only be as sensible as our users.  Everyone have common sense please.
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