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#54479 The NiGHTS... into dreams - PERFECT ALBUM is pretty awesome

Posted by verdant_skye on 16 June 2008 - 08:13 AM in [ARCHiVED] NiD Discussion

Sweet. I just ordered mine. I like your name, btw :P (to the OP)

#54477 Dreamcatchers?

Posted by verdant_skye on 16 June 2008 - 07:58 AM in Dream Discussion

I used to have one, but I put it in storage because I didn't really feel any sort of connection to it. Apparently, they only really work if you make them yourself. I kind of want to make one, but then again, I don't really have nightmares, so I don't know if I need it. Also, I think sometimes it's important to see what happens in your nightmares because they can help you deal with certain things. Unless you feel like you're being mentally harassed by bad dreams on a consistent basis... then that might be a bit much ;P

#50501 Dream Critique

Posted by verdant_skye on 10 May 2008 - 07:12 PM in Dream Discussion

I sort of have a project like that I'm working on too, that I want to make into a comic when I'm finally finished ironing out everything, lol. I first created it ages ago when I was like 14 and have been developing and tweaking it ever since. Most of the plot and characters have gotten more mature and less cheesy and cliché as I have gotten older, but the same basic ideas are there. I still haven't worked out everything story-wise and I keep rewriting and changing things, mostly because I dream about the characters in the story ALL THE TIME and my mind seems to come up with new ideas while I sleep that I end up using in real life. It's like I'm slowly reading my own story in my dreams and watching all the characters grow and develop with it. The ideas just come out of nowhere, too, it's like they have a life of their own.

So in that way it's helped me. My dreams seem to be able to tap into my "muse" in my subconscious that I have trouble accessing for creative purposes when I'm awake.

#50493 One Study's Proof of Nightmares

Posted by verdant_skye on 10 May 2008 - 06:52 PM in Dream Discussion

Well, unfortunately anything from 4chan or encyclopedia dramatica can't really be trusted as fact based information in my experience, and you'd probably agree if you saw some of the other stuff that gets posted there. It's still interesting as a theory, but I would find it more plausible if there was an official report documenting the study available somewhere. Someone who's researched a bit about dreams and how the brain functions could easily make up something like that. Indeed, just from my research on lucid dreams I probably could have written the same sort of phony theory.

Not to burst all your bubbles, though; I did want to share a story of something I saw on TV once, which was supposedly true... it was about a woman somewhere who kept having dreams about being in and walking around her "dream house." She'd never been there before in her life, but it was perfect for her, and she always felt like she was searching for it or one like it. Anyways, I guess eventually she moved and was looking at houses, and she came across one that was EXACTLY like the house in her dream, pretty much down to the carpeting and little garden gnomes out front. She'd never been there before in her life, and it got even weirder when she met the owners of the house, and they claimed that the house was haunted. The part that really freaked them out is that the ghost looked just like the woman who was having dreams about the house, and they could find no other reason for why the house should be haunted.

The funny thing is I saw this on that old show called Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction, where they tell a bunch of true and false stories and at the end say which ones are real and which ones aren't, but that particular story they said was true.

So, that opens up a lot of theories to answer the question of where we really go when we're dreaming... :P

#50479 Hellooooo XD

Posted by verdant_skye on 10 May 2008 - 05:41 PM in Introduce Yourself


Welcome :P I'm pretty new here myself but everyone is super nice, so don't worry.

#49324 Looking for the Nights Perfect Album soundtrack...

Posted by verdant_skye on 29 April 2008 - 10:11 PM in [ARCHiVED] NiD Discussion

Im sorry but as mentioned before my copy that I even made a topic on this board about with permission for a week sold on ebay. The most I could do is to send you the songs as I got them all saved on itunes but Im sure doing it on mp3 would not be such a hard task.

Best of luck though in your quest and I will look too and tell you if I come across anything as I know a few Japanese friends that might find it in shops overthere used perhaps?

Thank you so much! That would be really great! As for sending me MP3s I might be able to find it without causing you the trouble of sending them to me but if you have an easy way to upload them or something for me then I would be very grateful, at least then I could listen to it even if I don't own an official copy. :( Again thanks so much for your input!

#49317 Looking for the Nights Perfect Album soundtrack...

Posted by verdant_skye on 29 April 2008 - 08:34 PM in [ARCHiVED] NiD Discussion

Hey everyone,
I know this is a longshot, but I just thought I would post here to ask if anyone has a spare copy of the Nights into dreams... Perfect Album they'd be willing to sell to me. I missed out on it before Sega Direct closed down and stopped making them, and I can't find a copy anywhere (except for on eBay where they're way overpriced.) If anyone has one that they'd be willing to part with, I'd be eternally grateful. :(

#49229 HAI GUYZ.

Posted by verdant_skye on 28 April 2008 - 09:02 PM in Introduce Yourself

Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone. This place seems like a really neat place with lots of awesome individuals. I can definitely see this helping to nurture my creative side :P

#49171 The next Nights SOUNDTRACK!

Posted by verdant_skye on 28 April 2008 - 01:18 AM in [ARCHiVED] JOD Discussion

I've checked pretty much every site and they all say "Out of stock/out of print" :( I'm guessing it's because of the whole SEGA Direct store shutting down. *cires*

Your really out of luck Verdant as I had a spare of that soundtrack up for sale on ebay for about 40$ and I could have arranged for cheap shipping for a NiGHTS fan but someone bought it yesterday.

I am impressed at the fact that play-asia sold out and vgm also so it means it is now officially impossible to get at a reasonable price.

That seller has been a huge letdown for me in the last month as I honestly thought he was a genuine videogame music lover as I bought a few cheap cd from him before, but it seems all he wants to do now is make a serious amount of money with all those overpriced soundtrack. I say we dont buy from him and then he either puts them down to realistic prices again or go to some Japanese market to sell them. I even contacted asking him why such steep prices and he told me that since SEGA closed its his last cds and so he wants to sell them expensive as possible :P

Ohhh bums. :( That stinks, lol. I'm sooo disappointed SEGA decided to close down their store. That just sucks. I feel like I missed out on something huge and I had no way of knowing it was coming, lol. But I'll keep trying to find one anyway, and maybe I will be able to find one on eBay someday for a decent price. :D

Haha I know, the prices are RIDICULOUS! I was going to email him and ask too but I figured if he already set the buyout price that high then he won't consider lowering it. That's pretty mean that he'd rather be selfish and make money off of other people's love of video game music by selling them at an inflated price, instead of helping to promote and nourish it which is what he claims to be doing in the first place. :( How sad.

#48836 The next Nights SOUNDTRACK!

Posted by verdant_skye on 25 April 2008 - 01:57 AM in [ARCHiVED] JOD Discussion

Crap. Does anyone know where I can find this? I did some looking around and research, and the only thing I can find out is that Sega Direct has shut down forever. wtffff. O_O I'm going to be so choked if I can't get this, I've wanted a complete soundtrack like this for ages. ;_; I've checked PlayAsia and YesAsia and neither of them have it, except for the Journey of Dreams soundtrack... the only one I can find is on eBay for 100 bucks... ugh. Anyone have any tips or suggestions on where to buy it? I'd love you forever ;D

Edit: Just to clarify, this is the one I'm looking for--


Although it seems this is a different soundtrack completely. I'm guessing this is one that's out of print and that's why its so expensive. I really hope I don't give myself a reason to buy this. Like... oh, my, I broke a nail this morning... I need to cheer myself up! Better drop 120 bucks on that NiGHTS soundtrack... XD;;

#48835 Getting Lucid

Posted by verdant_skye on 25 April 2008 - 01:49 AM in Dream Discussion

One 'technique' that I've been trying lately (with minor success, but still better than almost anything else) is something I used to do involuntarily as a child which I think explains how I was able to have so many lucid dreams when younger. I would kind of turn the tables on my mind a bit. I daydream a lot and I often get bored trying to fall asleep, so sometimes I would imagine things and pretend that everything I was thinking about was already a dream, hoping to influence what I'd dream about or fall asleep and dream about something cool faster. On rare occasion, this actually lead me to perform a WILD of sorts. I would start to see what I could guess was hypnagogic imagery, because I would see strange things in my room and be able to climb out my window and such. Now I actually use it as a conscious method to try and work out a WILD, by pretending that everything I'm hearing (if I have music or a TV on) or thinking about, even if it's just laying in my bed in my room, is already a lucid dream, and sometimes I'm able to keep awareness while my brain enters the sleeping stage. Usually I'm not able to retain it though and I would wake up suddenly with a knee jerk or a few times with sleep paralysis.

It's still something I have to work at. The hardest part for me is becoming lucid while in REM sleep, I don't seem to have much trouble when it's NREM but I think that's because your brain isn't in the full "resting stage" when some of the most vivid dreams happen, so a lot of the time if I'm in an NREM state I simply wake up. It's the REM dreams where you don't wake up and they seem the most real.

I do get a lot of cases of sleep paralysis as well if I'm taking a nap while my parents are making dinner for example, because it's a lot of noise that my mind can anchor onto in reality while I still fall asleep, and I find myself being awake and asleep at the same time, completely unable to move and often loud static or something like rushing water in my ears. It's kind of scary because sometimes I've felt frightened or threatened for no real reason, and my background is Scandinavian so I've grown up with the myth of the old hag that people hallucinate about during sleep paralysis, so I always have the fear that when I try to induce a lucid dream something will scare me or I'll have a bad experience. So I'm also working on teaching myself that nothing can hurt me while dreaming.

#48833 RANT.

Posted by verdant_skye on 25 April 2008 - 01:17 AM in NiGHTS chit-chat

I think that by putting in all the cutscenes and dialogue, and defining the characters and events more, they left less of the game to interpretation, which is what a lot of people liked about the original game. It allowed you to fill in the gaps using your imagination, which even gave it the almost 'dreamlike' quality. I think the original idea behind the first game was that the players themselves were supposed to put themselves in nights' shoes, and the new one is way less ambiguous.

But, that beind said, you can't really blame them. They were trying to improve the game, because the 'market' would indicate that the first game was not perfect. So they thought they were avoiding some of the mistakes made the first time around, and they knew it would be directed at a younger audience so they assumed they needed to explain it more. They just underestimated the quality and value of a game that lets you use your imagination, and with the ability and ease of putting in dialogue and custcenes now (something which would've made the game way overbudget back when the first one came out) they probably thought it was stupid to exclude something like that when almost all games nowadays have that stuff in it. They didn't want it to be missing anything "vital" in comparison to other games, but in doing so I think it actually took away from the ingeniousness of the original.

I guess that's just how the cookie crumbles. It's hard to say if it was better for them to change it to a more audience friendly game to try and sell it, or keep it the same for die hard fans, and I bet they mulled over that quite a bit themselves before they designed it. I guess they know that most die hard fans will give it a chance anyway, so they didn't have much to lose by trying to broaden horizons. Plus there's the ps2 remake, which I hear isn't as great as the original, but I guess that's kind of moot seeing how it's Japan-only.

#48831 HAI GUYZ.

Posted by verdant_skye on 25 April 2008 - 01:11 AM in Introduce Yourself

Hello everyone! As you may have guessed, I am new here.

I decided to explore this fandom since I have a Saturn with the original NiGHTS, and it was one of my favourite games back in the day (along with a slew of others.)

Part of the significance of the game for me is that I'm an avid lucid dreamer-- or at least, I'm trying to get back into it. For me, it's a big part of my spirituality, and I used to do it a lot as a child pretty involuntarily. I've sort of rediscovered it as of late, having my first lucid dream in over 10 years a little while ago. It's also when I happened to pick up Journey of Dreams, so for me it kind of symbolizes my new found interest in exploring my own mind through my dreams.

I'm also an artist, and I guess you could say NiGHTS has inspired me, so you might expect to see some NiGHTS related art from me in the future. I'm simply in love with the character designs and general theme of the game.

Haha, just thinking about all this is already making me nostalgic...