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#44462 Our fun day at SEGA in London!

Posted by Urtheart on 21 March 2008 - 09:05 PM in Cosplay Zone

Dunno if these have been posted yet.
Video on the page, including DiGi-Sonic's fight with female Mario

#44371 Our fun day at SEGA in London!

Posted by Urtheart on 20 March 2008 - 11:01 PM in Cosplay Zone

ALSO. In some weird coincidence (happening a lot lately lol) the day my only pair of half wearable shoes completely kick the bucket snapping in half we get given a box of these babies each. Sonic Rush Converse! *dies happy* I've been wanting a pair of red converse for years and could never bloody afford them.
We also got 2 copies of Superstars Tennis to take home. DiGi's been playing it a lot over the past 2 days, cursing unmentionable things at the TV late into the hours of the night. Men and sports games~ lol

But yeah


I know just how DiGi feels, we've just been told off by the folks next door because I swore rather loudly at the game, bloody Alex Kid and his kill everything power.
And yeah the converse are pretty sweet, I've yet to wear a pair I got of Kev (I won it I think it some competition), but they look snazzy if nothing else.

as an explanation Richard Jacques was there with a friend who was cosplaying as well. I'm surprised just how much of a Sega fan Richard was, his get up included all the dreamcast merch as he could wear, as well as bringin half of his own album collection with him, like the Sonic R one you see with DiGi, I think he had Space Channel 5 as well, kind wonder if he got a picture of it with Ulala.

#44283 Our fun day at SEGA in London!

Posted by Urtheart on 20 March 2008 - 12:24 AM in Cosplay Zone

Well I thought I'd poke my head in here and see what other people thought.
All I can say is, it was a hell of a lot of fun, even if my costume lacked the effort everyone elses did.

DiGi I can't believe you would go through all that again (minus the insomniac spell of course) because that suit looked like murder inside. Saying that TRiPPY your costume seemed complex enough, a slight more comfortable in the rear without tons of spikes (saying that I think people enjoyed getting hit by Sonic's spikes, every time it happened people were like "OMG sonic hit me... yaaay!"

But it was a pleasure to meet the two of you, even if DiGi was silent for the most part, and hopefully AAUK will be able to invite you guys down for more of our community events.

My pictures are all up on the Flicker account from Sega, but I guess you guys have already seen the ones I put up on the TSS article. I think Vger put some more up as well as writing about it on his own site, should be at the top of the page till Friday

See you guys around

P.S. I'll be sticking around the nights forum and looking tomorrow cause I've never got to play Nights but I've always been interested in it.