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#42156 NiGHTS Fancharacter Contest!

Posted by Ideya Master on 24 February 2008 - 06:18 PM in Creative Stuff!

this sure sounds like a fun idea but maybe you could supply some samples of your previous fanfics so that we know what we're up against when we draw these pictures???

Yeah, here's the thing: This is kinda my first time making a fanfic here. But don't worry! Just use a new kinda mix of JoD and NiD and you'll get it good! So, do you wanna upgrade one of the old Marens or make an entirely new one?

Jackle: Choose me! Choose me!

(whallops Jakcle) Get outta here!

#42155 NiGHTS: The Great Return!

Posted by Ideya Master on 24 February 2008 - 06:13 PM in Creative Stuff!

I'm gettin' bored. I should probably invite others around.

NiGHTS: Don't worry. They'll come eventually.

Let's hope so, NiGHTS. Let's hope so.

#42154 And... we're back

Posted by Ideya Master on 24 February 2008 - 06:10 PM in [ARCHiVED] Events, campaigns and news

I suck for not welcoming you guys back earlier. :( Happy to hear you found a place you like, and good luck to Digi in college!

And Trippy, your iMAGNi splashpage characters keep sneaking into my college notes, especially Orange and Falda. Can't wait to see them in print~ Good luck to you too with the classes and such! <3

Don't sweat it! At least you showed up at all, and that's what really counts!

Hey again, Lost in Dreams! How's it hangin'?

#42120 Ideya Master making contact!

Posted by Ideya Master on 24 February 2008 - 01:23 AM in Introduce Yourself


whats a fanfic master

Someone who's really good at fanfics! That reminds me! In the Creative section, There's a thread called "NiGHTS: The Great Return!" and another called "NiGHTS Fancharacter Contest!" Be sure to stop by anytime!

Oh, and Jof, you might wanna lose the picture. Marens might be buggin' me because of that! Seriously, they're obsessed!

Jackle: Well, excuse me for doin' my job!

#42119 NiGHTS Fancharacter Contest!

Posted by Ideya Master on 24 February 2008 - 01:16 AM in Creative Stuff!

Calling all fc-makers! Calling all fc-makers! I'm having trouble making newer versions of the following classic Nightmarens:

The five people who can make the most creative JoD version of their Maren of choice will have them star in my new fanfic, "NiGHTS: The Great Return!" The rules are simple:

1. You can only choose one character to enhance.
2. You can't rename it.
3. It has to have a description of its new moves, the Maren stage you fight it in, and new, unique instructions on how to beat it.
4. Don't insult me because of these rules.
5. Don't completely change the new form of you Maren of choice.
6. To even things up to six mega-Marens, the first one to submit a completely new kind of Maren will have it appear in my fanfic and get a game tip on sweet stuff in JoD!

Whoever breaks any of these rules will be immediately disqualified. No take-backs, no give-backs, no double-whammies! So, who's up for it?

#42116 NiGHTS: The Great Return!

Posted by Ideya Master on 24 February 2008 - 12:22 AM in Creative Stuff!

Moved this to Creative since it was fanfic rather than discussion of the game.

Okay, then. Got the message. I'll still use the JoD link to get here, though. I'm just used to it.

#42114 And... we're back

Posted by Ideya Master on 24 February 2008 - 12:02 AM in [ARCHiVED] Events, campaigns and news

The reason we got thrown out had to do with my stepdad becoming sick and needing an actual bedroom. Ill people become cranky people and my Mum had given us enough warning anyway. Our house was way too small for 5 people. The thing was though- i WANTED to move, she just made it incredibly hard for us when she could have been helpful instead. I'm all for giving lazy people a kick up the arse but for over a year we had been trying nonstop to get our own place but everything we done kept falling through either financialy or support wise. My mum thought that making us actualy homeless would get us a quick house from the council (even though i told her many times that was a dumb idea) But parents will be parents i guess.

Anyway, being 26 and living with mummy doesnt cut it. I'm glad I'm out of there, it felt like a air tight container full of bad memories. I'd been craving major change for a long time, i tend to thrive on proper crisis, makes you feel alive. My mum phoning me nearly every day is WEIRD though considering i seen her about once a week when i lived there.

Nothing wrong with a bit of bad luck as long as you know you can ride it through.

I'm actually suprised at how well I'm handling all the technical paperwork and stuff, it seemed a lot scarier when i was a kid.

Well, paperwork is still pretty hard for me. Maybe I shouldn't say "still," 'cause I'm like, 16! Anyways, paperwork is not my strong point. At least it's not a weakpoint, either! XD lol

So, TRiPPY, do you think you'll be able to return to the fansite anytime soon? I think I'm interested in the comic called "The Misadventures of NiGHTS and Reala," because that probably dates back to before the rivalry between NiGHTS and Reala started. It oughta be so funny!

#42021 NiGHTS: The Great Return!

Posted by Ideya Master on 22 February 2008 - 11:28 PM in Creative Stuff!

Okay, let's see...

Prologue: Shards of the Past
(Somewhere in Crystal Castle, Helen recollects the fun adventures she had with NiGHTS and Will. She enjoys having Will around, but without NiGHTS, things just weren't the same. She stares into the glass of the empty hallway.)
Helen: NiGHTS...
(Suddenly, she hears a strange noise. She heads toward the sound of shattering glass, only to see a few new Nightmarens looking for something.)
???: Keep searchin'! There's gotta be an Ideya around here somewhere!
???: Where? (smashes a wall)
???: *growls*
(Behind the wall is a very large crystal of some sort.)
???: Hey, uh, is that an Ideya?
???: That's no Ideya! That's a Maren Gem! Some Nightmarens equipped themselves with the ability to come back in the form of one of these tings!
???: Then, who's... (trips and knocks over Maren Gem) Oops.
(The crystal smashes open on the floor. Then, NiGHTS flies out of the shards, back and ready for action!)
Helen: NiGHTS?
(to be continued)

This cliffhanger was brought to you by Suspense Industries. (XD lol)

You think things are weird enough already? DREAM ON AND FIND OUT!!!

#42018 Ideya Master making contact!

Posted by Ideya Master on 22 February 2008 - 10:56 PM in Introduce Yourself


Thanks! Oh, and feel free to give me some tips if you want.

#42017 And... we're back

Posted by Ideya Master on 22 February 2008 - 10:53 PM in [ARCHiVED] Events, campaigns and news

Welcome back, TRiPPY.

#42014 Ideya Master making contact!

Posted by Ideya Master on 22 February 2008 - 09:56 PM in Introduce Yourself

Hey, what's up? This is Ideya Master on my first post here! I see myself as a fanfic master. The only controllable way I get my ideas is either in my sleep or while I'm daydreaming. I like cheese pizza, relaxing, drawing anything good I can think of, and any defenders of justice I find in my dreams (ex: NiGHTS!)! I dislike spicy stuff, too much work, writer's block (happens a lot), and those pesky Nightmarens! Why I like NiGHTS so much? Well, he has mystifying adventures, fights evil Nightmarens, and can DUALIZE with others! That'd be cool for me to do! Oh, and if you see TRiPPY come back on this site or the other one, notify me ASAP! Okay, bye.